Decorative Woods

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The ko'nag is a squat evergreen that grows in rocky, icy climates. Both its rough bark and long needles are dark grey to black in color, and combined with its irregular, bulbous shape, causing the ko'nag to resemble a boulder from afar. The wood is rough-grained and very pale, but takes a dye or stain well. The ko'nag has no magical properties.

This wood is considered VERY rare, so you would have to supply the wood to get anything made with it. There are examples of this wood in the Troubled Waters prize shop.


Blue-black wood that can have a rose, purple, or crimson sheen to it depending on how it is cut and polished, the widowwood is a rare shrub. Possessing a sturdy trunk, its wood can be used for carving in small quantities. For example, one might build a door out of pieces of widowwood, or one might make small carvings, but one would never use it to build a house. The widowwood grows best in dim and dank swamps and that ilk. Silver-backed, deep green leaves cluster in sets of five along spindly branches. At the center of each leaf cluster, a tiny and lop-sided white flower will bloom, which in turn yields a pale blue berry. These tiny flowers and berries produce a beautiful scent, and this is where the widowwood gets its name. Men over the ages have died while seeking the scent to add to perfumes or to test for alchemical or healing properties, drowned in the quick bogs the shrub grows near, never to be seen again. The widowwood has only recently been rediscovered in some treacherous bogs past the Lake of Shadowed Sorrows, and small quantities have filtered into the more populous areas of Elanthia.

This wood is considered VERY rare, so you would have to supply the wood to get anything made with it, so no running around asking for alterations with the wood in it! Plus, this, as stated in the description above, is a decorative wood only. No weapons or other functional items would ever be made from it.