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The Hovering Shadow

By, Delindra

In IceMule Trace, our tale begins
a town of snow and chilly winds
A trail of steel and blood and death
a whiff of smoke and fiery breath
Though none could tell what secrets dwelt
in icy peaks and snows unmelt.

Through Olbin Pass, the trail would lead
All caution did the townfolk heed
But many knew the hopelessness
would never cease, so on they pressed
and there within, they found the lair
the Ravager with iron glare.

A hov’ring shadow blots the sun
and steady hearts may be undone
But fear not, Elanthia fair
for this threat, we all shall bear.

“Monstrosity,” the people cried
”A folly borne of gnomish pride!”
And now their names, preserved and fixed
For history shall not forget
Gnomes Hauptwhistle and Fiddlestix.

For profit, offered at Moot Hall
The Ravager, desir’d by all
Some for conquest, some for greed
And some who wished the world to bleed
But as the bidding thus progressed
From without, cries of distress


Kyjani, she of Krolvin kind
Stole Ravager, and blood to bind
the Manticore to her cruel whim
The fate of all now dark and grim
And terror wrought from coast to coast
The world could hear the Krolvin boast.

All fought bravely, side by side
Together hoped to turn the tide
No one was spared Kyjani’s wrath
From Wehnimer’s, she’d hew a path
Through Elven Nations, River’s Rest
And Teras Isle, she sought to best.


With all their eyes fixed to the skies
It took some time to realize:
With gnomes begun, with gnomes to end
So to the streets, the seekers send
Whispers, rumors, clumsy trails
Until at last, the hunt prevails.

With captive gnomes, a trap is set
The Krolvin think there is a threat
Clever ruse, of Talliver’s make
Ensnares Kyjani in its wake
To lure and trap beneath Icemule
While up above, as chaos rules.


And so entrapped, is justice done
The Ravager, to its cave runs
And there entombed shall it remain
Its shadow will the stars not stain
Held fast in rock and fi’ry wake
Witness the power of the Drake.

To those who would our forces rout
This warning stands the world throughout
Through greed, through fury, dark despair
Fear you not, Elanthia fair
For such threats, we all shall bear