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Originally posted by Kree 30 August 2009

The Demon Blade was a living demon (or something), trapped within a sword.

It essentially had an endless hunger for life force and it was always making sure the owner of the blade knew it.

It basically worked liked this:

Over time, its hunger level would increase. As it increased beyond a certain point, it got pissed off.

When it got pissed off, it would demand that it be fed with various whispering messages to the owner.

When you held it, it would cry out, and everyone in the room with you would be drained of 1 point immediately. This made it fun as rezzing parties.

This might actually repeat if it was still hungry - it just depended on how much life it fed on and how full the meter got.

If it was REALLY pissed, not only would it drain those around you, but it would start pulling 2-3 life off the owner as well, and would do this not just when you took out, but when you swung it, or when you put it away.

It it was REALLY REALLY pissed, it wouldn't let you put it away, and would keep draining you each time you tried, demanding to be fed.

The last unique factor was that if it was on the ground, NOBODY could touch it and anyone who tried would get 2-3 life taken and a nasty message from the sword. So another fun game was to drop it and watch greed do its part.

It had a pretty big enchantment factor (it may have even ranged depending on how hungry it was, I can't quite remember). It definitely got more happy and full as you killed things with it the normal way.

It would also howl and scream a lot, which was always good for setting the mood.

Fun blade - really lucky I got it.