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Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Icemule Trace
Message #: 2394
Date: 08/11/2020 03:13 PM CDT
Subject: Enter the Den of Rot!

The Den of Rot is now open in all instances!

After an evening of treachery and renewed hopes, the forlorn abbess Mellian attempted to breach into the Temple of Hope. She instead managed to force open a portal into the Den of Rot, an Ivasian hunting ground featuring creatures from levels 66 to 72. The Den has an even mix of the undead and the living. It's also the site of Elanthia's best Eyes Wide Shut-themed parties.

Adventurers leveling through the area will find themselves pitted against Ivasian inciters, pestilent visions, magna vereri, and enough shirtless incubi to fill a charity calendar.

Ivasian inciters: 66, living.

Dark-eyed incubi: 68, demonic.

Pestilent visions: 70, noncorporeal undead.

Magna vereri: 72, corporeal undead.

Come play, my lords and ladies!