Despair and Resch'lative

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Sahaegin says, "Now.. back to the halfings who survived the war"

Sahaegin says, "Warriors returning from ShadowGuard brought with them the stories of the Undead War, and the heart-wrenching loss of kin."

Sahaegin says, "Halflings of all three tribes were dazed with sorrow. It seemed that every hearth had an absent loved-one to remember."

Sahaegin says, "This was a loss that was nigh inconceivable, not to mention the problematic fact that so many extended families were now remnants of what they had once been."

Sahaegin says, "There were more widows and widowers among the Truefolk than had ever been. Gravestones raised their lonely faces across the Steppes, however few of the graves below the stones contained a body."

Sahaegin says, "It took years for the tribal elders to convince the Truefolk to move past the time of mourning for their loved ones. "

Sahaegin says, "Knowing that the future of the halfling race depended upon a recovery, the shamans entreated the tribes to once again embrace the joy of living, a term--almost forgotten-- that they called 'resch'lative.'"

Sahaegin says, "The earliest signs of the halfling recovery were seen in the Malghavan Territories."

Sahaegin says, "There, halfling towns gradually regained their populations, and in time, took possession of the rich fields surrounding the township. These halflings were a changed group."

Sahaegin says, "They no longer felt the need to wander the lands in search of distant dreams."

Sahaegin says, "Instead, they began to spend more and more effort on the quaint dwellings that characterized the Shirelands. Round doors eventually dotted the countryside and verdant gardens made the panorama a thing of beauty."

Sahaegin says, "The halflings migrated less and less as years went by, however the Trine remained an inalienable institution."