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Discrete containers are containers that have zests indicating a careful watch over their contents. When fully unlocked, small (under two pound) items can be put in and removed unseen by other characters. These items premiered at the Can't Contain It shop at Spitfire 2015.


You analyze your <container> and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This <container> allows you to OPEN, CLOSE, PUSH, REMOVE, PULL, GLANCE at the rucksack, as well as PUT items inside and GET them back out vigilantly.  It is fully unlocked.

Any alteration must keep in mind that the messaging involves a flap over the <container>'s opening.

Verb Traps

OPEN You rub your hand across the flap of your <container> in a nonchalant manner. As you do, you slip your fingers underneath the flap and discreetly open it. XXX absentmindedly rubs his hand across the flap of his <container>.
CLOSE Discreetly slipping your hand to the flap of your <container>, you slowly close it and secure the contents within. XXX briefly slips his hand across the flap of his <container>.
PUSH You run your hand underneath the shoulder strap of your <container>, making certain that it won't slip off while moving. XXX runs his hand underneath the shoulder strap of his <container>, making certain that it won't slip off while moving.
REMOVE Heedful of your surroundings, you gingerly take a <container> off your back. XXX turns away briefly and gingerly takes a <container> off his back.
PULL You place both hands on your <container>, covering it as best you can. XXX placed both hands on his <container> in an attempt to cover it up.
GLANCE After a surreptitious glance around, you check the flap on your <container>, noting that it is open. XXX surreptitiously casts his eyes around the room.
PUT (small items) You discreetly tuck your <item> into your <container>.
PUT (other items) You attempt to shield your <item> from view as you tuck it into your <container>. After a cautious glance around, XXX tucks his <item> into his <container>.
GET (small items) You discreetly remove <item> from your <container>.
GET (other items) You shield the opening of your <container> from view as you retrieve <item> from within. XXX shields his <container> with one hand as he retrieves <item> from within the <container>.