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Flap and clasp containers have two sets of verb traps depending on whether it is a bag or case type, but share the same ANALYZE.


The creator has also provided the following information:

This item may be freely altered with a long or a show, but the noun must remain backpack, pouch, satchel, sack, pack, bag, or case, subject to the "essence" rules in ALTER 14.



Verb First Third
OPEN Unclasping your silk bag, you fold back the cover and loosen the drawstrings. XXX fiddles with the clasp of her silk bag before folding back the cover.
CLOSE You pull the drawstring of your silk bag closed tightly before folding the flap over it and securing the clasp. XXX pulls the drawstring of her silk bag and fiddles with the clasp.



Verb First Third
OPEN You fiddle with your haon case before managing to lift the latch. Carefully, you flip open the cover to reveal the contents. XXX fiddles with his haon case before lifting the latch and flipping the cover open.
CLOSE You close your haon case and carefully fasten the latch to secure the contents. XXX closes his haon case and fiddles with the latch for a moment.

Additional Information

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Flap and clasp container Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Container
Item(s) Applied to Bag-type
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep Unknown
Restrictions Nouns restricted per analyze.