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Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin Arena
Message #: 7381
Date: 08/21/2017
Subject: The Messy Alchemist

As if you need more shopping...

This shop is now open along Gloam Pike -- a slipshod building. Hard to miss given its garish paint job.

There are some signs in the shop, but to alleviate confusion prior to buying: each of the items has 10 charges. At this tier, these are purely cosmetic in nature and should be considered illusory.

Very likely (but not guaranteed) I'll do a few second tiers during the week: those just allow a lot more customization in terms of displaying your features to better match up to the racial/culture/gender disguise you might be going for... i.e. Elanthian spy games.


Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin
Message #: 7384
Date: 08/21/2017
Subject: The Messy Alchemist

>>Interesting stuff, any idea how often there would be chances to refill/recharge them?

Not positive yet, given how new they are... I suspect part of it will depend on demand. They're open for any merchant to do the recharge, though.


Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin Arena
Message #: 7392
Date: 08/21/2017
Subject: The Messy Alchemist

>>Can I use these to sneak my way into Vaalorian citizenship? I'm sure if I have the right papers the guards will be so busy looking at them that they won't know a thing's amiss once the effect wears off, right?

Nawp -- just cosmetic ;) I don't want to promise anything and not be able to deliver -- but perhaps in the future as an expanded tier or somesuch will allow for that; that was one of the original intents of this project (going into areas that are race-restricted), but it ends up that there is a huge number (understatement) of things that need updating in order for that to be a reality. Cosmetic seemed a good compromise.

>>It didn't mesh well with my forehead gem or hairsticks at first but when I took them off and put them back on they were fine. However my old tattoo and additional feature line still displays as "her".

Aware of this! It may take me a bit to find a workaround to the his/her discrepancy in custom wording, but definitely want to try and get it as fixed as possible.

>>The talisman doesn't show up in my inventory either. Not sure if that's intentional.. would be awesome if it is!

It was intentional, yes. I'll take a look at whether a toggle is a possibility... but probably when I'm more awake.

>>Any chance you can put a mirror in the shop?

Will do at some point on Monday.

Also, a few people have already asked me about what Tier 2 is... once I've got the above kinks worked out, I'll post an analyze of Tier 2 so that you guys know what it is.


Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin Arena
Message #: 7420
Date: 08/21/2017
Subject: The Messy Alchemist

>>How long do the illusions last? 8 hours of real time, or in-game time?

Real time on these, for whatever timing the items are set for (these ones just happen to be 8 hours).

>>Ate tier 2 unlimited use?!

Not necessarily. You can have a Tier 2 without it being unlimited, and you can have an unlimited Tier 1; unlimited use is independent of tier on these. Also, they are not for eating ;)


Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin
Message #: 7541
Author: GS4-Kaikala
Date: 08/23/2017 07:30 AM EDT
Subject: Re: The Messy Alchemist

Fixes/notes and answers to some questions (some of these are emailed questions, but answering here for everyone's benefit):

Couple of things now in place now:

  • Double features - should not be a problem now. If it is, absolutely bug it. SUPER THANK YOU to the people who did bug/report this -- it wasn't occurring in Dev, so definitely wouldn't have realized this was happening quite so soon without you.
  • Aelotoi who had wings showing up while other races -- your wings will not show up in LOOK anymore, wooohoo! However, you will still have your wing verbs... for now...
  • Gender items - gender pronouns within specific custom features not converting properly. LOOKing at a character should display properly now -- however, this is for LOOK only. Some feature items get set up based on the gender you are when you initially wear them -- the system should still display LOOK <character> properly, but if there's a mismatch, just remove said item and then put it back on. (Same goes for if there's a mismatch with verbs that the item does -- if it's a gender-based item, just remove/put back on). If it's still showing a mismatch in LOOK <character>, submit a bug report for me. Just bear in mind that there's only so much 'smarts' that I can build into the system for LOOK 'knowing' which words to switch out for the gender items -- if what you bug something beyond the capabilities of the elixir item, I'll let you know.
  • Gender items - "general" spot tattoos that have 'his' or 'her' manually tacked on to the description. This should also now show up properly via the LOOK <character> display. Your underlying tattoo build will NOT change (nor will any show descriptions), though, so bear that in mind if you are using certain verbs on it. If you end up with a tatt that is still showing the wrong gender when someone LOOKs at you, submit a bug report.
  • Item visibility - the elixir item will always be set to invisible when it is initially activated. You can now RUB while the item is active to toggle that on and off.

General note about bugging these. The majority of any outlier bugs at this point where the LOOK is concerned will be because of specific item/script conflicts. If you have a conflict where things aren't showing properly, definitely bug BOTH the elixir item AND the other LOOK-related item, and note in both that there's an issue with the disguise showing up properly -- that should help funnel things to me.

>>Given the nature of how they work, is there any possibility that they might be refillable in the future with alchemy-made elixirs? Pretty please!
I'm not sure on this. I have some other things I'd like to do with them first that will take priority before this can even be a consideration (and read: the other things I want to do are by no means small projects, so it may be a long while before I can say yes or no to this particular request).

>>How long does each use last for?
This is per item. The ones sold in the shop at Duskruin: each charge lasts for 8 in-game hours. You cannot toggle it on and off once the charge is in effect. There is a very small chance that the disguise will fall off early (to allow for awkward situations. Because there should be some IMO). Dying will absolutely cause the disguise to fall off. ANALYZE for the info on how long each charge lasts for.

>>Once out of charges, can they be recharged?
Yes. Any merchant is allowed to bring the items back up to their standard 10 charges. It's just a matter of finding one willing to do so. There will be some infrequent merchant opps to offer a higher number of charges. And just to reiterate here -- these are NOT CRUMBLY items. ANALYZE has this info.

>>Is there a way to get an unlimited use one? Will that be part of the services you are offering?
There is definitely a way to set them unlimited. It is not tied to their tier. I will look at releasing at least one or two before the festival closes -- likely it'll be tied into the Tier 2 offerings. Regardless of the tier, it will not be cheap. The ones off the shelf are pretty reasonable, I think -- but that's in large part due to their limited charges.

>>Well what about one sneaky step further, and instead of having "[Lord Vader] walks into the room." with an illusion on, how about it reflects our illusion and allows people to only see the illusion in the room instead of the actual character name.
>>IE: I drink my elixir to change my appears to a lanky half-krolvin. Instead of seeing [Lord Vader] just arrived in the room...And looking at me shows I'm a lanky half-krolvin.
>>What if instead it acts as the following after using the elixir: "a well dressed, lanky half-krolvin arrives in the room." And then people only see that, both with LOOK and in the room description.

Messaging everyone else sees when you walk into/out of a room showing race/etc. instead of your name -- I'm not sure if it's easily possible or not (and by easily, I mean doable at all by me). I can look at it eventually to find out either which way, but it's not a priority at the moment.
Messaging from LOOK AT <character name> not showing your name in the output, like some of the moonshard pendants -- technically possible. Will have to think on this one; either which way, it will not be available at Tier 1.
Messaging from the general room LOOK showing race/etc. instead of your name -- this one I can 99.9% say will not happen; there's simply way too much room for abuse here. With responsible players, not a problem; with griefers... this could easily become hugely problematic. Though I left .01% of uncertainty because if this ever changes, well... ;)

Hope that helps. I'll set a date/time for some Tier 2s (along with info on them and pricing) in the next day or two; expect it to be slated for sometime on the weekend.


Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin
Message #: 8089
Date: 8/30/2017
Subject: The Messy Alchemist [Duskruin]

>>Kaikala - I'm guessing this fell by the wayside in the quest to squish bugs and life in general. (Thank you!) Do you have any updates on what T2 looks like, what to expect pricing-wise, and if any T2s and/or unlimited will be going out before Duskruin ends? (Or after, really, I'm not picky.)

Yes, of course ;)

Tier 2's ANALYZE (which is a 2-parter) is at the bottom of this post. In short, it lets you toggle on feature fields specific to the item while it's active (and toggling off just goes back to your regular features) for the LOOK; i.e. a feature "concealer" of sorts that replaces features in your LOOK rather than completely hides them so that you can deck out your race/culture/gender appearance to be totally different than your base features without having to rely on other feature items. Technically any merchant can set those feature fields for you once the item is unlocked (i.e. anyone has permission), but not every GM will be comfortable doing so (or may not necessarily be qualified to) due to how the item is set up. Just bear in mind that the features will need to follow regular feature alteration guidelines -- in their current form, these are definitely not meant to take the place of glamour tatts with all of the magical blue fire and demon wings and such ;)

We'll do 4 total Tier 2s this coming Saturday, all 4 with unlimited charges. 2 will be placed out in cert-equivalent form as first-come first-serve; the other 2 will be by raffle. That's for Prime. Plat will get 2 total, 1 of each method (and the price will get adjusted down slightly, in case ya'll Platters are looking into these at all). When I have the raffle set up, I'll post exact times for everything -- but I'm a PST night owl, so definitely do not expect these to go out early in the morning.

They'll be set at 35k BS (and the raffle will have, of course, a buy-in cost). Will include modifying the race/culture/gender option to your choice of appropriate setting(s) and getting the various feature fields customized -- i.e. making sure it's fully set up out of the gate for what you've got in mind.

Also, THANK YOU to the people who submitted bugs and/or were my guinea pigs for some of the more bizarre issues. As of Tuesday, everything bug-wise I've received so far should be squashed, but if you submitted something and it is still not showing properly for you, definitely feel welcome to get in touch so that we can hunt down what's up with it.


The analyze is taken from the blue sapphire talisman in the shop -- this one is set to unlimited charges, Tier 2, but no features set in it yet -- should still give you the general idea.

G>analyze my talis
You analyze your blue sapphire talisman and sense that the creator has provided the following information:


This is a Disguise Elixir item. Depending on its setup, it will change the appearance of the race, culture, and/or gender of a character. This is a temporary effect -- not a permanent change.

This item provides an aesthetic disguise without any mechanical benefits. It is Tier 2 (of 2 currently). It also allows for illusory features as part of the disguise. Note that these are only illusory via LOOK -- your base features will remain the same and will still be utilized by most verbs. The illusory ones must follow regular feature alteration guidelines. Any merchant may alter these, but they MUST be appropriate for the race/culture/gender that the item is set to.

To see what, if any, illusory features are set up, ANALYZE the item again within 15 seconds.

The talisman has unlimited charges and will never run out. Each charge on this talisman nets the character roughly 8 hours and 0 minutes of disguise time until the disguise is eliminated (either through naturally running its course, removing the item prematurely via PULL). There is a very rare chance during each charge cycle that the disguise will prematurely end on its own well before the full time has elapsed. Also note that death automatically ousts the disguise from a character.

The talisman is set up to place the following aesthetic attributes on a character. Altering these settings may only be done on rare occasions by qualified persons; it is not a general merchant service.
Race: Dwarf
Culture: Reznek Clan
Gender: Female

Currently you are able to try to PUSH (to activate), PULL (to deactivate), NUDGE (toggles tattoo visibility), TICKLE (toggles custom features visibility), GAZE, LICK, and RUB (toggles item's visibility while active) the talisman.

Aesthetic alterations to the item itself are acceptable -- they just must make sense for where the item is worn. Note that needles come out of the underside of the item, so nothing in the alteration should prevent that from logically occurring.

You get no sense of whether or not the talisman may be further lightened. G>analyze my talis You analyze your blue sapphire talisman and sense that the creator has provided the following information:



The above features WILL NOT show up in the LOOK. To toggle, use TICKLE on your talisman. Features marked with "none" will be blank -- this is only possible for features that are not required by the feature system.

Tattoos on your person WILL show up in the LOOK. To toggle, use NUDGE on your talisman.

ANALYZE again for main info.

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin
Message #: 8248
Date: 09/01/2017 10:32 PM EDT
Subject: Re: The Messy Alchemist [Duskruin]

>>Will all T2s have unlimited charges?
No. Unlimited charges is completely separated from tiering.

>>Or is the unlimited charge a Duskruin thing only?
The unlimited charge is currently just the ones going out for raffle/FCFS with the Tier 2 unlock. There will not be any other unlimited offerings (nor unlockings to Tier 2) during this run. For the time-being, unlocks/unlimited are definitely a Duskruin-only thing. Recharging the OTS back up to 10 charges, however, can be done outside of Duskruin.

>>Is there also a way to upgrade OTS ones to Tier 2, unlimited at some point?
Sure, in theory -- but even then, it won't be a common offering. I truly have no idea how much actual (vs. perceived) interest there is in these -- how this set of raffles/FCFS goes will help give me a better feel for how many will go out the next time they're offered.

>>Can the race be something other than the normal PC races? Such as Storm Titan, for an example.
Not with this current set that's going out, no. The development for this script is currently focused on playable races. That doesn't preclude future offerings, but that's not what their focus is at this time.


Tier 2 Info

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin
Message #: 8247
Date: 09/01/2017 10:13 PM EDT
Subject: The Messy Alchemist - Tier 2/Unlimited Raffle and FCFS Timing

Hey all,

Below is information on the few Tier 2/Unlimited upgrade options going out for the Disguise Elixirs found in The Messy Alchemist.

In both situations, the "win" is for upgrading an existing item. The upgrade includes: (1) set the charges to unlimited; (2) unlock from Tier 1 to Tier 2; (3) choose new race, culture, and/or gender settings; and (4) customize illusory feature fields.

Customization choices must be finalized by 9/6/17. If you know what you want right away after the win, awesome -- Rashiva will get as much done as she can before I her to need to run off to the next release set. If you don't know what you want right away, we'll converse via email as needed until that noted deadline.

Some notes on customizations: racial/cultural options are limited to existing playable races/cultures. If you're choosing a culture to be set with the item, it actually has to match up to the race on the item (or if you aren't choosing a race, note that only races that the culture applies to will be able to use the item) -- you aren't able to just suddenly become an Ardenai Halfling, sorry. If you're customizing any of the features, they must comply with ALTER.

I mentioned it before, but I'll mention it again -- the current set up is for playable races and mundane features (i.e. this release set is not meant to take the place of glamour tatts, crystals, legendary bloodrunes, etc.). So if you win and ask me to make you into a troll, or you want your elf to have butterfly wings in his features or blue flames running up and down his arms -- sorry, no. ALTER has the guidelines you'll need to follow. Don't go into this crossing your fingers that you're going to be able to get features that you shouldn't on this set of releases.


The raffle to upgrade the Disguise Elixir to Tier 2 + Unlimited charges is set up in the shop in the Hallway (i.e. the second room). It's set up Wyrom-style -- i.e. you do not need to be logged in during the drawing, but it also means the time noted for the drawing is an estimation and may not be exactly exact since I have to manually draw. There's very basic information to read on the ticket, but in short:

  • Plat Raffle: 1 winner. Drawing will be ~6:00p EST on Saturday, 9/2/17. Winners will need to pay 29k bloodscrip to redeem.
  • Prime Raffle: 2 winners. Drawing will be ~7:00p EST on Saturday, 9/2/17. Winners will need to pay 35k bloodscrip to redeem.


First come first serve will also go into the Hallway (i.e. second room). The times are rough estimates.

  • Plat FCFS: 1 will be placed out. Will be in place ~8:00p EST on Saturday, 9/2/17. 29,000 bloodscrip.
  • Prime FCFS: 2 will be placed out. Will be in place ~8:15p EST on Saturday, 9/2/17. 35,000 bloodscrip.