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Category: Paladins
Topic: Paladin Spells
Message #: 1274
Author: GS4-CYRAEX
Date: 02/17/2018 03:30 PM EST
Subject: Divine Incarnation (1650) Released!

Hello Paladins of Elanthia!

The day you all have been waiting for has finally arrived! Divine Incarnation (1650) has been released! Below are the details of the spell including all of the numbers I promised, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Divine Incarnation (1650)

The paladin becomes the divine incarnation of their deity. This spell has a duration of 5 minutes or until all of your divine energy is used, whichever comes first. While incarnated the paladin is granted 30 divine energy that may be used to call upon the powers of their deity using the INCARNATE verb. Divine Incarnation implements a 10 minute cooldown that starts when the spell is cast. The total amount of divine energy can be increased by one divine energy per 5 ranks of Spiritual Mana Control.

Each offensive INCARNATE ability incurs 3 seconds of hard roundtime and each buff ability incurs 3 seconds of cast roundtime. While under the effects of 1650, the paladin may use the INCARNATE verb to check their divine energy pool or to trigger the special abilities of this spell. The INCARNATE verb gives the paladin access to four unique abilities. Those abilities are ZEAL, ARMOR, SMITE and ONSLAUGHT.

ZEAL: (5 divine energy for base 5 flares, +1 divine energy per additional flare) - a divine aura will surround the paladin triggering deity specific flares upon the next 5 successful attacks made during the next 30 seconds. If time allows, additional flares maybe triggered at a cost of 1 divine energy each. Training in Spiritual Lore Summoning (ranks) increases the duration 2 seconds using a Seed 10 summation

ARMOR: (15 divine energy, 20 divine energy if used during "emergency") - a holy armor surrounds the paladin that grants a 50% resistance to all forms of attack for 30 seconds. This spell can be invoked in an "emergency" situation once a day. Training in Spiritual Lore Blessing increases the resistance 2% using a Seed 5 summation and the number of emergency uses per day by one at 50, 125 ranks.

SMITE: (5 divine energy drained on a successful hit only) - a bolt of divine energy will leap from the paladin's weapon and attempt to strike the target. This is an SMRv2 based attack. Training in Spiritual Lore Religion increases the amount of damage dealt +1 per rank using a seed 5 summation.

ONSLAUGHT: (15 divine energy) - The paladin is consumed with the energy of their deity and carries out a vicious onslaught. The paladin will attempt to strike each target (MSTRIKE) that is present in the room, ignoring 50% of it's stance. Training in Spiritual Lore Religion would increases the percentage of the target's stance that is ignore by 1% using a (seed 1 * 2) summation.

The "emergency" use of the ARMOR ability is defined as using the ability during a time your character would not normally be able to do so. ie. in roundtime, stunned, etc. 1650 must be active on your paladin in order to invoke an "emergency" usage of ARMOR.

As most of you know, the majority of development we complete is never the effort of just one individual. We work across team and collaborate very frequently and we like to think this leads us to the best end product for you the customer. So I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank and give credit to several other GameMasters on staff for their contributions and help with Divine Incarnation. I would not have been able to complete this massive project without the help of each of these amazing people!

Deity Specific Messaging - GameMaster Xayle, GameMaster Sindin and GameMaster Thandiwe

Technical Quality Assurance - GameMaster Viduus

Creative Quality Assurance - GameMaster Kaikala

Last, but not least, please post any issues you may discover with 1650 in this thread. Alternatively you can also email them to me directly as gs4-cyraex @ play.net. I will also be available on the Discord chat in #gm-questions for the next few hours to handle any technical issues. For the benefit of all players, please try to ask informational questions on the forums so that other players can view my response.

It brings me great joy to deliver Divine Incarnation to you all today. It was my most challenging project to date and I'm really proud of how it came out. I hope that you all find it unique, effective, and most importantly fun!

Until we meet again Paladins of Elanthia!

*drops the mic*

-GameMaster Cyraex

Category: Paladins
Topic: Paladin Spells
Message #: [1]
Author: GS4-CYRAEX
Date: 04/03/2018 08:11 AM CDT
Subject: Divine Incarnation (1650) Updated!

Greetings Paladins of Elthania!

Thank you all for the feedback that you provided upon the initial release of Divine Incarnation. Based upon your feedback, we have made the following updates to address some of the issues that were brought to our attention. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, enjoy!

Divine Incarnation (1650) has received the following three updates.

1. The lore benefit for the INCARNATE SMITE ability has been changed to provide a Spiritual Lore Religion Ranks / 1.5 = Chance for a second Smite strike at no divine energy cost.

2. The INCARNATE ZEAL ability has been updated to no longer cost any divine energy to activate. Now, one divine energy will be drained when a ZEAL flare actually occurs. The 30 second duration of the INCARNATE ZEAL ability still applies. In addition, the lore benefit of INCARNATE ZEAL has also been updated to provide a chance for a ZEAL flare to occur at no divine energy cost. The chance for a free flare is calculated using a seed 1 summation of Spiritual Lore Summoning Ranks.

3. Lastly, Divine Incarnation has been updated to provide a cooldown reduction based upon the amount of unused divine energy. The rate of the cooldown reduction will be 10 seconds for each unused divine energy point remaining from the base 30 pool. Additional divine energy earned through training in Spiritual Mana Control is NOT counted for cooldown reduction.

-GameMaster Cyraex