Dodeign Levor

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Dodeign Levor
Gender male
Race elf
Profession Gearmaster
Service(s) WPS
Venue Wandering
Status active

Dodeign Levor is a WPS smithy. Historically, he has provided services for full and partial citizens of Icemule Trace.


You see Gearmaster Dodeign Levor.
He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
He is taller than average.  He appears to be in the meridian of life.  He has piercing steel grey eyes and alabaster skin.  He has short, flaxen hair shaved at the temples.  He has an angular face, an aquiline nose and broad shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an olive suede flap bag clasped with polished brass buckles, a quilted black leather doublet, some brown woolen pants fastened with gilded leather straps, and some polished black leather boots.