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Merchants are generally understood to be Non-Player Characters that are controlled by GameMasters and who provide specialized services unavailable in any existing automated shop.

Such services often include one or more of the following (the first three services are commonly offered together, which is known as GALD):

  • Altering the description of an existing item (within reasonable limits; cosmetic only)
  • Enlarging the capacity of a container - also referred to as deepening
  • Reducing the weight of an item (most commonly used for armor, containers or types of clothing) - also referred to as lightening
  • Tattoos (Not all merchants work with tattoo alterations)
  • Feature Alters (some features may be ineligible for alteration during a merchant session; not all merchants work with feature alterations)
  • Removal of enchant locks (some merchants may not offer this service)
  • Adding or removing flares from weapons, shields, and armor.
  • Unlocking
  • Various delayed services
  • Any manner of item enhancement

Some merchants charge for their services, while others may be provided free of charge. Some will provide service for each individual on a "first come first served" basis, known as 'room order', while others choose randomly with the aid of 'spinner' items. Other times items and services are raffled, in which the raffle ticket may be available for purchase days in advance, but the character the ticket was purchased with must be in game at the time of drawing to have the chance at winning.

Merchants outside of festivals are a relatively rare occurrence, but are seen somewhat more commonly in Mist Harbor and during special events. Appearances taking place outside of special events are sometimes previously announced, but more often are not.

When in presence of a merchant, it is generally considered to be good etiquette to remain as still and quiet as possible (aside from whispers); this is due to the fact that such events often attract large crowds and unnecessary movement or speech can be disruptive. However, some merchants actively encourage and participate in roleplay. Merchants also have the final say on what they will and will not do, regardless of what other merchants will do or what official guidelines say.



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