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a drake falchion

An oddity among weapons in general, drake weapons are aptly named so for their unusual ability to release elemental fire randomly when striking an opponent. Drake weapons come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from daggers to longswords to mattocks and spears and everything in between. Most all are crafted of plain steel, which makes them so unusual. Each must undergo a process when the weapon is still but a lump of heated metal in a forge.

This process, which takes a bit of effort to do, is quite easy to explain. A mage is present when the weapon is crafted, and will constantly infuse elemental energy into the slowly-forming metal. This is much akin to the spell Elemental Blade, only it is a permanent infusing of the element, minus the bonus to the wielder's strikes. With careful precision, the weapon will retain the elemental fire the mage channels into it forever unless it is destroyed. Various intelligent creatures will often carry these weapons, as they require no special materials and a very basic knowledge of magic to forge them.

Note: While drake weapons randomly generated by the treasure system are all melee weapons, some merchants like the Spitfire 2015 have also sold drake arrows, runestaves, and handwraps/footwraps.

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