Drakes Vanguard

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The Drakes Vanguard is an all-volunteer militia whose purpose is to defend the innocents west of the DragonSpine Mountains. Should you wish to join our ranks, induction is accorded without regard to race, origin, citizenship, skill, or profession to any whose spirit and dedication will lend to our common purpose and camaraderie. If you are interested, seek out an officer at one of our regular activities.

The Drakes Vanguard hosts nearly daily activities throughout the year with the exception of the few festive weeks near the Winter Solstice. Activities begin at 8:30 p.m. elven time, and participants gather at our courtyard which is one step north of the trail to the Voln Monastery in Wehnimer's Landing. Activities include hunts to support adventurers' advancement in their profession, as well as assistance with tasks, and society pursuits. Nearly all activities take into account the relative skill and training of participants, so all are always welcome to take part.