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Droughtman's Challenge was an event that ran from March 4th through June 4th, 2011. It involved a 111 contests (including the final) during that time frame. The challenge had up to ten contestants running though a maze looking for a golden key that would open a white door. The contenders had to be level three or higher. These contests would often draw crowds, some of them being quite adept at heckling. The audience could also bet on who might win the run.

Some of the difficulties included the fact that this was a maze, that there were traps involved - some deadly, that it was difficult to find the right key and the right door, and that there generally were three blockers opposing the contenders. Contenders could defend themselves with chosen run-of-the-mill weapons or a wand that would freeze a blocker or target for awhile. Some contenders described their time in the maze as a frantic tableau of running, pulling ropes, pulling door levers, going through open doors, running into closed ones, and trying to stay alive.

Contenders would often end up with a fair amount of silvers by pulling ropes that gave such rewards. Pulling other ropes might end in wounds, webs, or death. The dead would revive again in the starting room after a short period of time. An average run might run close to an hour, net a contender over a million silvers, and involve a dozen deaths per contestant. Tickets to this event cost 30 dollars and were all sold.

Every contender would get to pull an item from a pile of treasure after someone had found and opened the white door. These prizes could vary from the somewhat mundane to the rather extraordinary. Many of the winnings reflected treasure of yore - items that had not been seen in the lands for years. Over a 1000 prizes were in that treasure trove at the onset.

Winners of each contest would go on to compete against each other at the next level until the finals. The winner of the final would be rewarded the grand prize, which included:

  • A specially designed airship (mobile private property)
  • A special prize package of Fusion Arms and Orbs
  • A special item from Droughtman
  • And a bit of glory and fame


[Droughtman's Maze, Entrance Box]
The room appears to be devoid of light, sound, or even the essence of existence itself.  Dark voids and constantly moving shadows combine with the crunch of fine gravel under foot.  A steady wind pushes back at all who pass, as though warning would-be contestants that they may wish to pray to their favored patron before venturing further.  A black marble building lies in the center of this nothingness, with a single doorway offering the only possible way to more inviting surroundings.  You also see a scoring display, an armor stand with some stuff on it, a weapons rack with some stuff on it and a LARGE sign that you feel you really must read.  Also here: Maze Master Droughtman and a bunch of contestants.

On the weapons rack you see a bundle of arrows, a wood composite bow, a steel handaxe, a steel mace, a steel falchion, a steel halberd, a steel military pick, a steel battle axe, a wood runestaff, a steel troll-claw, a steel hook-knife, a steel dagger and a steel cudgel.

On the armor stand you see a some steel full plate, a steel chain hauberk, some steel brigandine armor, some double leather, some full leather, some cloth robes and a steel shield.

Large sign:
In the Common language, it reads:

1 - You have signed up to compete in a game where you are likely to get injured and die a LOT.  You will also win silvers and prizes!  Please remember that the blockers are here to create an additional challenge for contestants.  It is their JOB to hurt you.  Any revenge antics outside the arena will be handled as unconsented PvP, and you WILL receive an official warning.

2 - There is to be no collusion between blockers and contestants.  If there appears to be a problem with a blocker aiding any contestant, both people will be removed from the event, and the contestant will forfeit their prize.

General Information:  Your gear will be restored to you upon completion of the event.  Please arm yourself with weapons and armor found on the rack and the stand.  In your backpack, you will find healing herbs and pills, a wand, and an amulet.  The wand will freeze other people and has 50 charges.  The pills will heal ALL your wounds, but will take some time to work, so be careful not to leave yourself defenseless when taking it.
You also have access to *defensive* magic spells up to the 10th spell in any circle.

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