Dusty miner

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A dusty miner lives in Zul Logoth.


The dusty miner moves slowly, her light blue eyes scanning the surrounding rock works.  Her long-sleeved red shirt appears faded from the amount of dust that covers it, and her dark blue canvas pants are in no better condition.  She wears heavy, brown leather boots and a curved steel dwarven miner's helm.  Instead of weaponry, her harness holds a pick and a shovel, both of which show signs of steady use.

Idle Scripts

  • A dusty miner walks in, puts her hands on her hips, and slowly examines everything around her.
  • A dusty miner peers down at the floor, inspecting it closely, then straightens up and shakes her head.
  • A dusty miner stands, stroking her beard slowly, and studies the rock formations.
  • A dusty miner says, "Ya know, every time we seem to have a good vein of something found, we run into critters. Happened in Czeroth. Happened in Mraent. Happened in Zaerthu. Just bad luck, I guess."
  • A dusty miner says, "Gotta look for quartz. Quartz is the key. Find quartz, and you can find other stuff."
  • A dusty miner removes the shovel from her harness. She eyes both sides, then scrapes at a bit of rust near the spade tip. Satisfied, she returns the shovel to her harness.
  • A dusty miner slaps at her shirt sleeve as if squashing an insect but only seems to raise a cloud of dust in the process.
  • A dusty miner acts as if she has just spotted something of great interest a distance away. She quickly heads in that direction.

Question and Answer

>ask miner about mining 
The dusty miner beams and says, "Mining is the best trade there is. Good for you physically and mentally. Well, unless a tunnel collapses, but that doesn't happen nearly as often as you'd think." >ask miner about quartz
The dusty miner nods and says, "Yeah, we find a lot of nicer gems around big quartz deposits. So we look for quartz. It's pretty easy to spot." >ask miner about gems
The dusty miner says, "There's a shop that buys gems off the southwest side of the Crystalline Cavern. Of course, you could save yourself the trouble of selling them and just give them to me." She gazes about and whistles tunelessly.