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Type Roleplaying
Demeanor-based Yes
System Food and drink

EAT is both a demeanor-based roleplaying verb and a systems verb. EAT will allow a character to consume food, whether ordinary or magical.


When EAT is targeted to other character, the there is demeanor dependent messaging. Messaging, both first and third person views, when consuming food will vary based on the food's specific flavor. Food consumption is not required, and characters should be careful what they eat.


Note: Demeanor messaging is dependent on both the target's and the actor's demeanor.

Target Demeanor First Second Third
Self N/A You chew on your fingernails. Mm, delicious. N/A Xeraphina chews on her fingernails.
Character Both Warm You gently bite XXX. Xeraphina gently bites you. Xeraphina gently bites XXX.
Actor: Warm or Friendly
Target: Friendly
You give XXX a playful bite. Xeraphina gives you a playful bite. Xeraphina gives XXX a playful bite.
Actor: Any
Target: Neutral, Reserved, Cold
You bite XXX! Xeraphina bites you! Of all the nerve! Xeraphina bites XXX!
Food N/A You take a bite of your apricot tart. (Food Messaging)
You have X bites left.
N/A Xeraphina takes a bite of her apricot tart.
Non-Food Object N/A You try to eat your forest jade. N/A Xeraphina tries to eat her forest jade.
Creature N/A That is probably not a good idea, all things considered. N/A


When EATing food imbedded with spells, the messaging remains the same as when consuming regular food with the addition of spell effects. Because Magic Item Use (MIU) is not required to cast the spell in this way, variable duration spells will be limited to ten minutes per bite, while set duration spells will retain its duration. For more information on the mechanics of magical food, please see Magical Food and Drink.

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