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There are thousands of different foods and drinks found in GemStone IV. Characters are not required to eat or drink; one cannot die of hunger or dehydration. Most food and drink exist merely for the enjoyment of the flavors, and can be consumed with the EAT and DRINK verbs, respectively. In addition, GOBBLE can be used to take multiple bites of food at once, and warriors belonging to the Warrior Guild can learn to GUZZLE a drink.

Magical Food and Drink

EAT and DRINK are also used for magical foods and drinks, which are often sold at festivals and pay events. Foods and drinks cannot normally be made with Magic Item Creation (420), and the spell versions are special in that they do not require any Magic Item Use (MIU) to use. On the other hand, training in MIU does not increase the duration of a spell effect received from eating a magical food or drink. Most spells of variable duration (dependent on training) last ten minutes. Spells of set duration (e.g. Celerity (506)) last the duration normal for that spell.

Spoiled food can be made fresh again with Consecrate (1604).

Food and Drink Design

Players of Meeting Hall Organizations (MHO) and Co-operative Houses of Elanthia (CHE) officers have regular opportunities to add foods and drinks to their organization's pantry. Purchasers of SimuCoin private properties will also have the chance to design personalized options for their homes. Food and drink design is also a common activity for MHO and CHE events, as well as Premium contests.

While the rules and costs for creating the food are different, all foods have the same design elements:

  1. Base that is (15/15/15) or a long description. No show descriptions
  2. Up to 2 different 1st person tastes
  3. Up to 2 different 1st person tastes for a specific race (optional)
  4. 3rd person messaging for each taste (optional)
  5. Optional effects
Food Effects Drink Effects
Frosting on face Froth/foam on face
Spicy Icy breath
Instant drunk
In the case of CHEs, using custom tastes may result in additional costs, but specifying an existing food taste from another item is allowed. See the Official CHE Website for details.

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