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2016 Inventory

a brass and muted blue silk tent, Room 42, Lich #20175, go tent


[A Head Above]
Thin lattices of bronze piping support walls of rich, absinthe silk velvet, the patina-streaked metal blending into the vibrant tones of green. Nestled upon a feather-strewn yellowed glass case is a large leather-hinged hatbox, its contents scattered haphazardly amongst the coppery plumage. Along the back wall, a curtain of gear-strung chains provides entrance to another room.
Obvious exits: out


In the feather-strewn yellowed glass case you see:

an enamel cherry blossom barrette dyed in blush pink 100000
a trio of silk-linked nacre disc headbands
a gilded floral filigree haircomb inset with seed pearls
a five-looped circlet of braided rose gold chains
a netting-veiled ivory silk chiffon fascinator

In the large leather-hinged hatbox you see:

a ribbed black wool hat with thick mink side flaps 100000
a dimpled grey suede hat striped in navy
an oak-buttoned taupe twill flat cap
a flat-topped scarlet satin hat banded in suede
a dark leather tricorn branded with a compass rose

The Rest

Go chains

[A Head Above, The Rest]
Faded blue silks hang loosely from gauze-ribboned brass poles, creating a makeshift room. Tiny cloud-shaped enamel candleholders strung from the ceiling, playing off a sun-shaped mirror sitting upon a serpentine front dark walnut vanity in the center of the room, have been molded into various shapes to form the illusion of a summer sky. Tucked in a corner, a collection of round boxes has been stacked haphazardly around a large oxidized steel wheel. Softly chiming with the barest hint of provocation, a curtain of gear-strung chains flanked by twin dark burnt velvet settees leads back to the other room.

In the serpentine front dark walnut vanity you see:

a wispy black cherry feather 500
a silvered pale blush plume 500
a splayed bronze-sheened feather 500
a muted dusky lavender plume 500
an ebon-banded smoky garnet feather 500
a briolette of stark black diamond 9576
a crescent of wine-dark garnet 295
a gilt-striated smoky topaz 575
a flat disc of pale mint jade 640
a smooth bronzed plum pearl 2730

In the collection of round boxes you see:

a rounded ashen crocodile leather box Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
several items
an ivory leather box striped in dark taupe
a copper-foiled teal satin box
a peony-inked vanilla parchment box

The Head over Wheel features ten panels with the choices of: Custom Coiffure, Veola's Choice, One and Only, It Takes Two, Trifecta, Frowning Fates, Tip of the Hat, Pick and Choose, Hat Tricks, Put a Lid On It. The Head over Wheel is currently pointing at the panel - Tip of the Hat.

The faded blue silks appears to be closed.



In the yellowed glass case you see

a white brocade fascinator with a diagonal spill of netting headworn 100,000
a draped gold filament circlet interspersed with sea glass headworn 100,000
a labyrinthine pewter haircomb inset with nacre headworn 100,000
a trio of slim matte bronze leather headbands headworn 100,000
an electrum filigree barrette caught with a cloisonne lotus headworn 100,000

In the leather-hinged hatbox case you see

a graphite-hued velvet tricorn pinned with an white silk cockade headworn 100,000
a lace-veiled celadon satin hat wrapped in pale silk ribbon headworn 100,000
a brushed ebon suede flat cap lined in crimson wool tartan headworn 100,000
a tall violet wool hat tucked with a stark white quill headworn 100,000
a patinated sorrel leather hat with a slightly curled brim headworn 100,000

The Rest

In the dark walnut vanity you see

a downy dove grey feather 500
a lavishly curled vanilla plume 500
a gold-streaked glossy black plume 500
a variegated gold and copper feather 500
an elaborately curled lilac feather 500
a cabochon of dusty rose dreamstone 5000
a vaalin-haloed champagne pearl 5000
an oval of polished black onyx 5000
a brilliant-cut dark chocolate diamond 5000
a silver-swept lustrous violet feystone 5000

In the round boxes you see

a layered parchment hatbox painted with a thistle motif VSA 5000
a bright cerulean satin hatbox tied with copper organza VSA 5000
a small velvet hatbox colored in shades of spring green VSA 5000
a monogram-branded soft tawny leather hatbox VSA 5000
a gold-piped quilted bronze crocodile leather hatbox VSA 5000

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