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Gender female
Title Madam
Service(s) Wares
Specialty Veola hair accessory
Status inactive

Madam Veola was the merchant responsible for the creation of the Veola hair accessory.


You see Madam Veola.
She appears to be a Human.
She is shorter than average and appears to be very young.  She has large hematite-toned eyes and dark caramel skin.  She has long, razor-sheared white blonde hair and a black velvet capotain pinned with a spray of curled sky blue plumes worn at a rakish angle.  She has a delicate face, a small nose and high cheekbones.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a long-chained smoky emerald lariat, a corseted jacket of burnt garnet velvet laced with black silk, some slim-cut black silk pants that flare slightly at the knee, and a pair of open-toe black leather shoes perched on narrow dark cherry heels.

Behind the Scenes

Veola was created and run by Gamemaster Reidyn.