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A Stony Cottage

a thatch-roofed silvery stone cottage, Room 47, Lich #20300, go cottage

[A Stony Cottage] RNUM: 21522
The anemic floral decor of the cottage is washed in gilded light that streams through a glass-paned bay window. A curtain of mist hangs heavy in the air, nearly obscuring some provincial elm cabinetry that fully lines the back wall. Herb-filled baskets and vials of oil are strewn about a flat-topped cypress tree stump serving as a workspace.
Obvious exits: out
Perfume, makeup and perfume holders

In the Cabinetry you see

an orange-gold crystalline bottle shot with copper inclusions 40000
a celadon marble bottle painted with delicate sea-hued leaves 40000
a sharply faceted sea blue glass bottle 20000
a lacquered apple green clay bottle 20000
a slender-necked dark bronze bottle 20000
a richly glazed parchment-hued bottle 20000
a stout wood-banded red clay bottle 20000
a copper-chased bronze and gold bottle 20000
an onyx-rimmed dark emerald glass bottle 20000
an opaque moss green chrysoprase bottle 20000

On the Stump you see

a dusky green rosemary smudge stick trussed with coarse jute 5000
a narrow juniper smudge stick twined with night blue cord 5000
a dried mugwort smudge stick dotted with wood violet blossoms 5000
a silvery lavender smudge stick latticed with silk filaments 5000
a sage-laced copal smudge stick tied with white linen string 5000
a lengthy cedar smudge stick trussed with mulberry cotton 5000
a wide clary sage smudge stick bound with thin gauze strips 5000
a leafy talneo smudge stick encased in gold raw silk thread 5000
a spindly yarrow smudge stick encased in twisted fibrils 5000
a dark viridian hemlock smudge stick coiled in golden flax 5000

In the Case you see

a copper damselfly talisman tinged with bronze and gold 25000
a burnished rose gold cuff inset with pale nacreous spheres 25000
a pale chalcedony cameo backed with vivid peach flower coral 20000
a draping lariat necklace of faceted cobalt and nephrite beads 25000
a darkly hued mithglin bracer edged with silvered moonstones 25000

On the Shelf you see

a rose-capped pomegranate glass flacon 40000
a diminutive cherry red glass flasket 40000
a smoky dark lilac glass ampulla 40000
a slender malachite and black glass vial 40000
a honey-tinted apple green glass phial 40000