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Perfume makes a character temporarily smell like something for four hours. Usually people strive to smell good, but in GemStone this is not always the case. Perfume is always available on Mist Harbor in The Crystal Lotus and at Solhaven in Mistsheen Annex. It is often sold at festivals and pay events. Standard perfumes come with ten uses, but merchants might sell them with more. Perfumes can be permified.

Custom perfume is sometimes offered as a delayed service prize and are bottomless.

ANALYZE the perfume to get the first and third person scent messaging without wearing it first.


A frosted spiral glass bottle with a winter rose stopper

>READ my bottle
In the Common language, it reads:
Silvergate Inn Signature Perfume

>SMELL my bottle
You sniff delicately at the spiral glass bottle, and detect the faint scent of glacier-steeped roses.

>MEASURE my bottle
Your spiral glass bottle currently has 10 of a maximum 10 applications.

>POUR my bottle on character
You pour a few drops of liquid from your spiral glass bottle onto yourself.

The subtle scent which had been clinging to you dissipates.
Interacting with others (or vice versa)
>smell person
Person has the scent of roses with icy notes hanging from her.

Person hugs you, and you detect the faint scent of glacier-steeped roses around her.

Perfume Holders

Perfume holders are wearable (functional) and found at special events such as the Ebon Gate Festival.


>analyze lily
You analyze your glass lily and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

The glass lily is a piece of perfume-holding jewelry that currently holds the scent of night jasmine, bergamot, and spring rain.  It may be altered with a long or a show, but must remain a piece of jewelry.  The stoppered crystal vial will always remain on the piece.

You get no sense of whether or not the lily may be further lightened.

Verb Traps

POUR You carefully pour your sky blue bottle into a ruby-tipped grey moonstone briar pin. XXX carefully pours her sky blue bottle into a ruby-tipped grey moonstone briar pin.
RUB Withdrawing the stopper from your grey moonstone pin, you swipe it across your wrist, returning it to the vial before rubbing your wrists together. XXX tugs the stopper free from her grey moonstone pin, swiping it across her wrists before returning it to its place. With a diminutive motion, she discreetly rubs her wrists together.
PULL You carefully tug the stopper free of the vial on the back of your grey moonstone pin, discreetly dabbing a bit of perfume behind each ear before replacing it. XXX withdraws what appears to be a tiny perfume stopper from her grey moonstone pin. With deft movements, she dabs the slender glass wand behind each ear before returning it to the pin.