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Abandoned General Store

an abandonded general store, Room 2, Lich #20347, go store

[Abandoned General Store, Front]
The narrow storefront is cluttered with several trunks that are stacked upon each other. A long wooden counter wraps around the front of a door leading toward a small supply closet. Two oil lamps are the only sources of light within the store, but they barely offer enough illumination to break through the darkness.
Obvious exits: out

In the Trunk you see

a stained canvas ration kit Pocketed:MA
any number of items
a large canvas hiking pack Pocketed:significant
any number of items
a threadbare linen bedroll 7500
a patchwork cotton sleeping bag 7500
a coiled straw rope 7500
a knotted linen cord 7500
a length of flax rope 7500
a dented brass oil lamp 15000
a smudged silver lantern 15000
a rag-wrapped ebonwood torch 10000
a rotted wyrmwood torch 10000

Go door

[Abandoned General Store, Closet] RNUM: 22565
The small, cramped room reeks of death and decay. The skeletal remains of someone or something lie in a heap on the floor -- the right hand of the deceased is missing. A number of iron shelves line the northern wall underneath a hole in the ceiling. Leading to the storefront is a door, the frame of which is deeply scratched.
Obvious exits: none

Go shelves

[Abandoned General Store, Attic] RNUM: 22669
The upper level of the store is hot and humid, with some daylight peeking through holes in the roof, but not enough to offer much ventilation. Rafters are the only way to traverse the area, which isn't very spacious.
Obvious exits: down

Go gap

[Lost Passages, Under the Store] RNUM: 22670
Evidence of a fire chars the hardened and packed dirt floor just below a hole in the ceiling. The remains of many creatures and species are piled on the floor, the rot adding an awful smell to the cavernous area. A rusted iron tub is pushed up against the eastern wall -- a malignant sickness permeates the area and radiates into the air, which appears to be coming from the tub.
Obvious exits: none

Go crawlspace (kneel)

[Lost Passages, Butcher's Lair] RNUM: 22671
An assortment of metal tables are scattered across the room, some of them burdened with a number of tools, including bone saws, metal clamps, knives, and stakes, while others laden with vile chunks of flesh and various organs. Wandering the lair is a one-eyed goblin scavenger, hunched over with a twisted expression on its face. A pile of rotting carcasses lies in a heap against the western wall.
Obvious exits: south, out

On the metal table you see

a fleshy deep scarlet heart Edible (509) Strength 15000
a rotted blackened heart Edible (509) Strength 15000
a decayed veiny heart Edible (509) Strength 15000
a rotted veiny brain Edible (1711) Mystic Focus 20000
a chunky ooze-covered brain Edible (1711) Mystic Focus 20000
a grey lopsided brain Edible (1711) Mystic Focus 20000
a bloodshot cloudy eyeball Edible (402) Presence 5000
a sunken dark green eyeball Edible (402) Presence 5000
a squishy pale blue eyeball Edible (402) Presence 5000
a rotted troll finger Edible (403) Lock Picking Enhancement 6000
a flattened ogre finger Edible (403) Lock Picking Enhancement 6000
a yellow-nailed hobgoblin finger Edible (403) Lock Picking Enhancement 6000
a cracked yellow glass jar Not Worn No Pockets 25000
a dark-rimmed scarlet glass jar Not Worn No Pockets 25000
an onyx-lidded green glass jar Not Worn No Pockets 25000

For scripts and looks, see GS Guide


[Lost Passages, Bathed in Blood] RNUM: 22672
Several low shelves hang from the stone walls, displaying various containers of murky liquid. A dim oil lamp hangs over a bloodstained wooden worktable that is situated in the center of the room, surrounded by pools of fresh gore on the floor. A rotting corpse is slumped over up by the northern egress.
Obvious exits: north
On the sign that the corpse is holding, it reads:

"All weapons are enchanted four times and blessable.  The vials contain gore that can be poured on the weapons or other things to dye them.  Try it out."

The writing doesn't appear as if Skagr or one of the goblins wrote it.  Likely the corpse.
Gory weapons

On the wooden worktable you see

a rusted steel butcher knife Edged Weapons Dagger 4x 6000
a flanged iron knee-breaker Blunt Weapons Mace 4x 25000
a wide-grooved steel beheading sword Twohanded 4x 60000
a spiked iron skull-crusher Blunt War Hammer 4x 25000
a crude steel scythe Polearms Halberd 4x 40000
a steel-tipped leather cat o' nine-tails Blunt Leather Whip 4x 12000
a corroded iron pit-knife Brawling Hook-Knife 4x 10000
an yew-handled steel cleaver Edged Handaxe 4x 30000
a leaf-bladed pitted iron chest-ripper Polearms Awl-Pike 4x 50000
a primitive iron-weighted bludgeon Brawling Blackjack 4x 15000
a pair of iron-plated boots UAC 4x 50000
a rusted steel executioner's axe Twohanded 4x 52000
a pair of steel-taloned gauntlets UAC 4x 15000

On the low shelf you see

a vial of pallid sanguine blood Scripted 10000
an ampule of vermilion blood
a phial of dark coagulated blood
a horn of sickly maroon blood
a flask of glowing blue ectoplasm
an alembic of pale ether ectoplasm
a flacon of illuminated icy ectoplasm
a gourd of phosphorescent ectoplasm