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Barroom Brawl

an abandoned wood-planked tavern, Room 8, go2 20329

[Barroom Brawl, Entry]
Dust-covered tables and broken chairs litter the room, along with some overturned crates, discarded peanut shells, and bits of broken glass that crunch underfoot. Displayed on a long mahogany bartop is a small collection of weapons. A ripped canvas curtain is draped behind the bar, and muddy boot marks lead up to a rough-framed opening in the far wall. You also see a scrawled wooden sign.
Obvious exits: out
In the Common language, it reads:

All these here brawlin' weapons does just what ya think
they wuld from seeing what they made of.

Them gauntlet-swords be meant for folks
that knows both brawlin' and one-handed fightin'.

If'n ya be lookin' fer a little extra FLARE
try headin' fer that there openin'.

On the splintered rum crate you see

a gleaming mithril-edged tiger-claw 2100
a polished ora-tipped tiger-claw 6300
a silver-etched vultite tiger-claw 24250
a back-laced ora-spiked paingrip 4200
a supple vultite-spiked paingrip 16250

On the iron-banded ale crate you see

a gleaming etched ora sai 3100
a dual-pronged red vultite sai 12000
a hide-wrapped solid mithril blackjack 3000
a leather-bound heavy ora blackjack 8400
a leather-bound sturdy vultite blackjack 34000

On the oaken whiskey crate you see

an iron-braced mithril troll-claw 3600
a steel-braced vultite troll-claw 41000
a red leather mithril-studded cestus 1500
a dark leather imflass-studded cestus 7000
a white leather glaes-studded cestus 11250
a rough leather vultite-studded cestus 16250

On the bartop you see

a leather-bound mithril fist-scythe 4200
a hide-wrapped silver imflass fist-scythe 19250
a rune-etched silvery vultite fist-scythe 45000
a dual-bladed white imflass gauntlet-sword 24000
a dual-bladed silvery vultite gauntlet-sword 56500

Go opening

[Barroom Brawl, Back Porch]
Vandalism has clearly been a problem on this tiny, enclosed porch. Shards of shattered glass lay beneath a broken window, and an iron prybar rests beside some labeled shipping trunks. Scorch marks along the walls, floor boards, and a blackened wood sign indicate that some have ignored the clear warning labels attached to each trunk. A framed opening leads back to the main shop.
Obvious exits: none
In the Common language, it reads:

Brawlers in de red trunk gots a bit of fire to em.
Brawlers in de white trunk might jest zap ya with a shock or two.
Don't say we didn't warn ya!

In the enameled white shipping trunk you see

a sharp vultite tiger-claw etched with lightning bolts Lightning flares 67500
a dual-pronged vultite sai painted with a jagged silver bolt 34500
a silvery vultite troll-claw bound with bolt-embossed leather 114000
a polished vultite fist-scythe etched with a jagged white bolt 125000
a silvery vultite katar etched with a jagged white bolt 157000

In the large red shipping trunk you see

a flame-etched vultite tiger-claw Fire flares 52000
a dual-pronged crimson vultite sai etched with tiny flames 26500
a sturdy vultite troll-claw with scorched bracers 87000
a flame-etched vultite fist-scythe 96000
a silvery vultite katar with scorch-marked crosspieces 120000


  • a blue-grey vultite troll-claw edged with mithril bracers (5x)
  • a polished vultite fist-scythe inset with mithril studs (5x)
  • a silvery-grey eonake katar (4x)
  • a lustrous grey eonake fist-scythe