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2016 Inventory

a rustic mahogany-planked cabin, Room 43, Lich #20307, go cabin


[Bowties and Bourbon, Foyer]
Dominating the center of the room is a chiseled glaes fountain, the maiden's forms posed towards a stag-carved mahogany bar. Curve-accented statues of alabaster and ivory each offer a view of the shop's wares, their flat silvered trays held aloft. Brushed lion and tiger hides serve as elaborate runners, leading to merchandise held elsewhere within the shop.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out

On the stag-carved mahogany bar you see:

a rectangular pale faenor flask drink container belt-worn
a wide crystal glass cut in a hexagonal shape mundane drinking glass 5000
a rectangular smoky glass bottle smooth booze 10000
a rectangular crystalline bottle floral, smokey booze 10000
a rectangular pale glass bottle honeyed booze 10000

Under the stag-carved mahogany bar you see:

a leather-bound tool 50000
a spool of gleaming wire belt-worn

Behind the stag-carved mahogany bar you see:

a copper-foiled dark faenor dagger garrote hilt? dagger 30000
a horn-hilted ashen vultite dagger garrote hilt? dagger 50000
a silk-tied kelyn corset stay lockpick? 62000
a lace-tied vaalin corset stay lockpick? 125000

On the flat dark silver tray you see:

a muted navy satin bowtie Smelly item Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
any number of items
tang of saltwater and oak 5000
a taupe noil silk bowtie fragrance of pressed vellum and bergamot
smoky plum brocade bowtie aroma of brown sugar and candied plums
a lace-edged vanilla silk bowtie fragrance of champagne and black cherries
a mint paisley silk bowtie fragrance of sweet mint and cream
a wide cream-on-grey tartan bowtie aroma of scotch and birch
an obsidian floral jacquard bowtie bouquet of merlot and winter roses
an oiled sepia leather bowtie aroma of mahogany and metallic gears
an ivory flocked lace bowtie fragrance of vanilla-tinged smoke
a reptilian green leather bowtie fragrance of honey-soaked whiskey

On the flat pale silver tray you see:

a jet-inset smoky glaes cutter Cigar cutter Knuckle-duster 75000
a gilt-edged ebon vultite cutter Cigar cutter Knuckle-duster 100000
a suede-framed dark leather box matchbox 500
a thin brown cigar inked with gilded clockwork cardamom-infused coffee aroma 2000
an ebon-colored cigar bound with a band of rose petals rose-saturated shiraz aroma 2000
a sepia-dyed cigar traced with bronze flourishes honeyed fig aroma 2000
a smooth tan cigar encircled by bands of alabaster parchment peat-heavy scotch aroma 2000
a branch-carved blackthorn tube Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item
Cigar tube 50000
a branded garnet leather cylinder Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item
Cigar tube 50000



[Bowties and Bourbon, Vanity]
Alternating teak and linden-panelled walls frame a number of plaque-mounted trophies, the preserved creatures each displaying various types of wares hanging from closed jaws. A tall onyx-framed mirror leans against the back of the shop, flanked by a pair of iron-banded oak barrels serving as makeshift displays. Posed against the right wall is a smooth alabaster statue, her etched alum tray pointed back towards the entrance of the shop.
Obvious exits: southeast
The adornments on the rolton, gryphon, and cockatrice trophies can be PUSHed into the jackets for sale on the lion trophy.
I'll be offering customization of my pieces, as well as a few other services.

On the fluffy rolton head trophy you see:

a cluster of stark black mournblooms Floral Adornment 15000
an ebon-cored bright orange poppy
sprig of vivid red bleeding-heart
a velvety cream white gardenia

On the feathered gryphon trophy you see:

a burnished gold starburst symbol Pin Adornment 15000
a bas-relief mahogany stickpin
a leaf-cradled garnet rose brooch
an ivory-set obsidian cameo

On the ivory cockatrice trophy you see:

a folded saffron silk handkerchief Pocket Square Adornment 15000
an absinthe paisley silk handkerchief
a garnet floral lace handkerchief
a tone-on-tone onyx brocade handkerchief

On the thick-maned lion trophy you see:

a slim-lapelled cream twill jacket Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a zaffre velvet smoking jacket
a waist-cut bistre tweed jacket
a wine-dark burnt velvet jacket
The vials laying upon the barrels contain one application of their larger phial counterparts, allowing you to sample each fragrance before purchasing.

On the iron-banded oak barrels you see:

a thin bronze glass vial You have mahogany and teakwood accords framing the leather fragrance traveling about you, the latticework of wooden and heavily oiled notes riveted to a core of cardamom pipe tobacco. Blackened vanilla winds itself with the faint metallic twang of oiled gears, the components fitting together like finely tuned clockwork. 2000
a slender bronze glass phial 40000
a thin onyx glass vial You have the scent of rich, honeyed leather spreading across your skin, the muted fragrance pierced through by black and red musks bound to the restrained base note. Lashings of crushed rose petals and full-bodied wine unfurl as the musks subside, encircling the sharper notes like a collar of heavy velvet. 2000
a slender onyx glass phial 40000
a thin ivory glass vial You have the scent of bourbon-soaked vanilla falling upon a base of whitened musk dusting your skin, the frost-laden accords hanging above the rest of the notes like a haze of freshly fallen snow. As the fragrance tempers, the crisp hints of evergreen fade gradually, leaving the haunting whisper of woodsmoke lingering above it all. 2000
a slender ivory glass phial 40000
a thin saffron glass vial You have drops of clove-infused wine upon your skin, gliding across a mixture of aged parchment and melted beeswax like dark-hued ink, the fragrance intertwining with the last vestiges of ashen incense. A veil of brown sugar and fig underscores the volume of notes, leaving the lasting impression of caramelized musk. 2000
a slender saffron glass phial 40000
a thin garnet glass vial You have creamy amber accords laying defiled across your skin, leaving the lingering scent of crushed magnolia blossoms and freshly tilled earth in its wake. Smoky peat caresses the honeyed notes emerging throughout the fragrance, melding together with the wearer's natural musk. 2000
a slender garnet glass phial 40000

On the etched alum tray you see:

a lacquered parchment quill pin wearable perfume bottle sold with clove-infused wine
(saffron vial, above)
a jet-backed alabaster silhouette pin sold with crushed magnolia
(garnet vial, above)
a smoke-colored crystalline glass fading to jet at the base mundane drinking glass 5000
a rectangular ivory glass bottle peaty booze
10 sips



[Bowties and Bourbon, Chamber]
A half-circle of velvet-padded teakwood chairs surround a jet-lacquered table, the rectangular surface held aloft by a quartet of carved elven maidens. The faint scent of bourbon and freshly lit cigars permeate the room, intermingling with traces of a light, floral perfume.
Obvious exits: southwest