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a bright multicolored tent, [Map Room #36], Lich# 26493, go multicolored tent

Delicious Magic

[Delicious Magic -]
A single lantern hangs from a hook upon the main support pole of the tent, providing illumination across the small interior. Near the center of the tent stands a battered wood table. A threadbare flax rug lies underneath in a halfhearted attempt to cover the rocky ground.
Obvious exits: out
rough driftwood sign
DRINK ME! All of these delicious potions contain helpful magic Deep Blue - Spirit Warding II Magenta - Spirit Shield Pale Yellow - Bravery Pink - Prayer of Protection Chartreuse - Elemental Deflection Celadon - Elemental Bias Bright Green - Elemental Defense II Brilliant Green - Elemental Defense III Olive Brown - Natural Colors Deep Orange - Prismatic Guard Caramel-hued - Foresight Stark White - Mantle of Faith Dark Plum - Mystic Focus

On the battered wood table you see: a deep blue potion, a magenta potion, a pale yellow potion, a pink potion, a chartreuse potion, a celadon potion, a bright green potion, a brilliant green potion, an olive brown potion, a deep orange potion, a caramel-hued potion, a stark white potion and a dark plum potion.

a deep blue potion Weight: <1 pound Spirit Warding II
10 quaffs
a magenta potion Weight: <1 pound Spirit Shield
10 quaffs
a pale yellow potion Weight: <1 pound Bravery
10 quaffs
a pink potion Weight: <1 pound Prayer of Protection
10 quaffs
a chartreuse potion Weight: <1 pound Elemental Deflection
10 quaffs
a celadon potion Weight: <1 pound Elemental Bias
10 quaffs
a bright green potion Weight: <1 pound Elemental Defense II
10 quaffs
a brilliant green potion Weight: <1 pound Elemental Defense III
10 quaffs
an olive brown potion Weight: <1 pound Natural Colors
10 quaffs
a deep orange potion Weight: <1 pound Prismatic Guard
10 quaffs
a caramel-hued potion Weight: <1 pound Foresight
10 quaffs
a stark white potion Weight: <1 pound Mantle of Faith
10 quaffs
a dark plum potion Weight: <1 pound Mystic Focus
10 quaffs