Bravery (211)

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Bravery (211)
Mnemonic [BRAVERY]
Base Duration 1200 sec
Added Duration +60 sec per rank
Span Self-cast: Stackable
+ EVOKE: 180 second cooldown
Offensive Magic - Enhancement  
Subtype AS (all), resist fear 
Enhancement +15 AS (all) 
Availability Self-cast, special 
Major Spiritual Spells
Calm (201) Attack
Spirit Shield (202) Defensive
Manna (203) Utility
Unpresence (204) Utility
Light (205) Utility
Tend Lore (206) Utility
Purify Air (207) Defensive
Living Spell (208) Utility
Untrammel (209) Utility
Silence (210) Attack
Bravery (211) Offensive
Interference (212) Attack
Minor Sanctuary (213) Utility
Bind (214) Attack
Heroism (215) Offensive
Frenzy (216) Attack
Mass Interference (217) Attack
Spirit Servant (218) Utility
Spell Shield (219) Defensive
Major Sanctuary (220) Utility
Transference (225) Utility
Spiritual Abolition (230) Attack
Spirit Slayer (240) Offensive

Bravery provides a base bonus of +15 to both physical attack strength, and bolt attack strength. The caster also gains 3 phantom levels against sheer fear attacks.

For each rank of Major Spiritual Base spells known:

  • the duration of the spell is extended by 60 seconds from its base 1200 second duration

This spell is selfcast only.

Lore Benefit

25 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Blessings unlocks a group version of Bravery, triggered using EVOKE. This version has a 60 second duration and a 180 second cooldown, applied to the targets of the spell. The EVOKE version of the spell is exempt from spell-removal mechanics.


Initial cast:

You feel more confident.

Wearing off:

You feel less confident.

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