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2017 & 2018

a ragged sailcloth tent, [Map Room 27], Lich #26537, go sailcloth tent

[Down the Gullet] RNUM: 26538
Occasional swirls of silvery mist crawl across the dark rock ground, obscuring sandy footprints. Ragged canvas sailcloth has been draped over an arched wooden frame. Several wooden boxes and packing crates are stacked near the front area of the tent, while a large woven tapestry divides the space leading to a separate, more secluded area.
Obvious exits: out

Toasting Steins

In the wooden boxes you see:

a gold-rimmed green glass goblet 15000
a scrollworked silver ewer set with star emeralds
a small grime-smeared glass
a scrimshawed whalebone cup with a lip of polished silver
a filigreed silver chalice adorned with cushion-cut sapphire stones
a wavy seaglass chalice with a coral-etched aquamarine base
a misshapen hardened clay tankard with a chip on the lip
a scarred bone flagon
a wide ivory stein etched with an aquamarine wavecrest

In the packing crates you see:

a carved wooden mug with a sturdy handle 15000
a bevel-cut fine crystal glass
a teak-handled polished brass stein
a tarnished silver flagon
a cobalt crest-carved cup
a large patinated copper goblet with a dent in the base
an ornate gem-crusted chalice
a lavish mother-of-pearl ewer splashed with blue green lagoon opals
a polished whalebone drinking horn 30000

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the tapestry.