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Toasting Steins or Drinkin' Steins were created by GM Palvella and released at Ebon Gate 2016 in the Drinkin' Steins shop, sold and customized by the dwarf Steinmaker Purjus. As of the 2017 move to Caligos Island the steins are available in Down the Gullet.

They hold liquids, and are scripted to let the bearer give a toast. Unlocked steins have "over 30" toasts and can store a custom toast.


You analyze your silver stein and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
You get the distinct impression that this toasting stein may be altered fairly freely -- it just must make sense as a drink container that you can toast with!  Additionally, it cannot be a drink container that can logically be opened/closed (flask, drinking horn, etc.), as this item is stuck open!

Currently, this stein is Tier 2 (of 2), and you can TILT, PULL, PUSH, and RAISE it.

This stein is currently set with a custom toast for TILT.  Special merchant services may be able to customize the toast wording for you.

Example Messaging

Regardless of the verb used to activate the toast, the messaging essentially is the same:

First person untargeted:

>raise stein
You raise your silver stein upwards in a toast and proclaim:

   "While we are here, let us enjoy this drink so dear, and for those who are not, let them know they'll ne'er be forgot."

First person targeted:

>raise stein at farain
You raise your silver stein in a toast for Farain and proclaim:

    "May you live as long as you want, and never want for as long as you live."

Third person:

Toaster raises his silver stein in a toast and proclaims:

   "While we are here, let us enjoy this drink so dear, and for those who are not, let them know they'll ne'er be forgot."

Verb Traps

Tier 1
PUSH Profession-based toast Untargeted, your profession is used. Targeted, the target's profession is used.
  • Bard: Here's to lore, song, and dance. And here's to drinking every chance!
  • Cleric: May your faith never falter, and your deity's favor always be fair.
  • Empath: May your wounds serve to always strengthen you.
  • Monk: In battle, may your mind always play in concert with your body.
  • Paladin: May your weapon be true, and your arms never tire. Pray your spirit never loses its fire. May you know little fear, and keep it at bay. And when it doesn't, charge forward anyway! May you live long enough to tell your tale... or at least long enough to enjoy this ale!
  • Ranger: May the thorns of life never entangle you, especially those of your own making.
  • Rogue: Here's to never getting caught when doing what we naught.
  • Sorcerer: May pestilence never touch you... at least not uninvited.
  • Warrior: May your weapon be true in service to you, when battles are fought and winning comes ought.
  • Wizard: May time with good friends never pass as quickly as time without.
  • Unknown - targeted only: May your days be merry and bright!
RAISE Random toast A limited number of random toasts are available off-the-shelf. For example:
  • To alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems.
  • May the roa'ters of life always miss when they come to surface.
Tier 2
RAISE Random-er toast According to Purjus, over 30 random toasts are available for an unlocked stein. For example:
  • When the bottle is full, drink up, drink up. This may be the last time we see this cup. If Cholen wanted us sober, he'd knock our glass over, so while it is full, we drink up!
PULL Location-based toast
  • Default: To here and now. There's no bad place nor time to enjoy a drink!
  • Four Winds Isle: Here's to Four Winds Isle! May the winds always carry you safely here.
  • Ta'Illistim: Here's to Ta'Illistim! May the beauty of this city be surpassed only by the beauty of this time.
  • Ta'Vaalor: To Ta'Vaalor! May all who pass through our fair lands never fail to do so.
TILT Custom toast Steinmaker Purjus (and perhaps other merchants) can add a custom toast to unlocked steins.