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Jaded Jester

Trading works

a burnt-out ramshackle structure, Room 17, go2 20318

[The Jaded Jester, The Maw]
Sparse candlelight casts flickering shadows along the walls and floor of this musty smelling room. An old, worn out tapestry hangs along a side wall, where a crack resembling a jagged, toothy smile disappears behind it. A large wardrobe closet along the far wall stands open, and items of various colors and materials are haphazardly strewn within. The light within the room is distorted by two mirrors, one an oversized wavy glass mirror and the other an immaculately polished mirror, each one facing the other. You also see a doorless frame.
Obvious exits: none
In the Common language, it reads:
~~The mirrors decorated by the moons and stars are quite magical when RUBbed and GAZEd at.  If you STARE into it long enough, you might remember that which you had forgotten.  As with most all wonderous things, these will not last forever.~~

Under the wardrobe closet you see

a simple clear crystal ball scripted 25000

In the wardrobe closet you see

a sour-faced halfling jester doll 25000
a surly dwarf jester doll
a snarling krolvin jester doll
a scolding erithi jester doll
a grumpy gnome jester doll
a frowning elf jester doll
a disapproving human jester doll
a star-embossed mirror ring 5000
a moon-embossed mirror

In the crack you see

a card-faced drakar quoit painted with the image of a queen thrown 11,500
a card-faced zorchar quoit painted with the image of a king
a card-faced rhimar quoit painted with the image of a jester
a card-faced gornar quoit painted with the image of a knave
a feras quoit painted with the image of grinning jester 175
a drake quoit painted with the image of snarling jester 1300

You step through an oversized wavy glass mirror.

[The Jester's Reflection]
The light here is reflected through the mirror, which creates wavy shadows on the walls. Dusty wooden crates have been stacked into a corner. You also see an oversized wavy glass mirror.
Obvious exits: none

Crystal ball scripts

  • pull: You carefully balance your clear crystal ball upon the back of your hand, then move your arm in a gentle wave. The ball dances across the length of your arm, past your elbow and up onto your shoulder, before slipping down your chest into your waiting hand.
  • kick: You drop the clear crystal ball and, just before it hits the ground, lift your foot causing the two to collide. The ball flips high into the air! Stepping forward, and beneath it, you catch the ball behind your back.
  • wave: You weave your hands together in a sinuous dance, allowing your clear crystal ball to transfer from your left hand to your right hand, then back again.
  • toss: You toss your clear crystal ball high into the air and deftly catch it moments before it hits the ground.