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a large ramshackle canvas tent, [Map Room 22], Lich #26437, go tent

Let's Be Blunt, Showroom

[Let's Be Blunt, Showroom] RNUM: 27509
The canvas walls of this dilapidated tent give very little refuge from the outside. In fact, one wall has such a large tear in it that it probably shouldn't even be called a wall. Near the corner, a small tunnel is protected by large crabs. The floor is nothing but sand and rock and covered mostly with the blacksmith's supplies.
Obvious exits: west, out
Welcome to Let's Be Blunt:  It's pretty simple, all I care to sell here are blunt objects.  If you want something else, go somewhere else, darlin'.
All of my things have been enchanted four times, weigh practically nothing, and have some sort of flares.  I even color-coded them by the type of flare they are for you. (Blue=Cold Red=Heat White=Electricity Brown=Impact)
There are a couple of rooms because I couldn't fit them all into one place.

On the warped anvil you see:

a cyan hammerbeak cold flares war hammer 80000
an indigo hoolurge cold flares
a crimson-spotted skull-crusher fire flares
a golden brown horseman's hammer impact flares 125000

In the broken forge you see:

a dark brown spikestar impact flares morning star 175000
a stark white holy water sprinkler electricity flares 185000
a blanched spiked mace electricity flares 200000

On the large pile of broken glyphs you see:

a vermillion studded mace fire flares mace 75000
a sun-bleached knee-breaker electricity flares 100000
a sorrel brown ox mace impact flares 125000

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the tunnel.

Let's Be Blunt, Stockroom

[Let's Be Blunt, Stockroom] RNUM: 27510
The room is haphazardly put together as this area primarily exists as a stockroom. These walls are sturdier than those in the showroom due to large panels of riveted wood against the tent's frame. Remnants of work lie everywhere on the floor from slabs of raw ores to small piles of metal shavings.
Obvious exits: east

On the large shelf you see:

a fire-hue spotted hakapik fire flares crowbill 55000
an azulene skull-piercer cold flares

In the some barrels you see:

a navy blue goupillon cold flares ball and chain 70000
a magma red-spotted mace and chain fire flares 85000
a fuliginous war club impact flares cudgel 20000
a sea-colored shillelagh cold flares

In the some crates you see:

a niveous signal whip electricity flares whip 40000
a sand-colored slaver's whip impact flares 30000