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Magical Mayhem

an old rundown hovel, Room 36, Lich #20122, go hovel

[Magical Mayhem, Salesroom] RNUM: 24230
Small candles scattered about the hovel illuminate the area allowing a full view of the wares for sale in the rundown building. The aroma of the surrounding swamp drifts in through all the cracks and gaps in the hovel's walls. Some decrepit shelving lines one wall showing off the different items for sale. In front of the shelves a sturdy counter sits where people are helped with their purchases. Across from the counter is a battered driftwood door that leads to a backroom.
Obvious exits: out
Welcome one and all to Magical Mayhem! The wands are all exactly as they appear, while the potions on the counter hold much more than normal.

On the Counter you see

a small barrel of dirtokh dirtokh potion 25000
a small barrel of mirtokh mirtokh potion 85000
a small duqnuru cask duqnuru potion 13750
a small rohnuru cask rohnuru potion 8750

On the Shelving you see

a dark crystal wand crystal wand 10000
a blackened metal wand metal wand 11750
a scorched golden wand golden wand 10750
an aquamarine wand wrapped in swamp moss aquamarine wand 4000
a burnished silver wand silver wand 5800
a rusted iron wand iron wand 5800
a spiraled coral wand green coral wand 7500
a bent blue wand slender blue wand 9200
a cracked glass wand clear glass wand 8600
a burnt and twisted wand twisted wand 5400
a splintered oaken wand oaken wand 14500
a grimy bone wand smooth bone wand 7800

Go door

[Magical Mayhem, Workroom] RNUM: 24231
A hearth sits across from the door with a large cauldron bubbling over the embers of a fire. An aroma of swamp, overcooked vegetation, and boiling meat emanates from the pot and fills the room. A chair and small table sit at the foot of a dilapidated cot over in one corner of the room, leaving the rest of the small space open and clear. The dirt floor shows signs, like a game trail in the woods, of crossing the room showing the occupants' usual paths.
Obvious exits: out