Dirtokh potion

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This is an enchanting potion commonly used for advancing the enchant of an item from 4x to 5x, or from 5x to 6x. Each bottle contains either 4 or 5 doses, depending on the location of its purchase.

It is commonly available at the town alchemist shop in most major towns, and is sometimes used for lower level enchants as well.

At the 2007 Winter Festival outside Icemule Trace, green and blue striped jugs were sold which contained 20 doses. Unlike standard enchanting potion bottles, these jugs do not shatter when empty, and can be refilled (but only to 7 doses).

Profession Wizard
Discipline Potions
Spell 925
Uses 4
Rank taught 30
Rank end
Location All

Alchemy Recipe

A dirtokh potion
  1. Add water
  2. Add three doses of ground ayana leaf
  3. Add three doses of essence of water
  4. Chant Enchant Item (925)
  5. Add faintly radiant dust
  6. Infuse
  7. Boil

Faintly radiant dust=extracted t'ayanad crystals

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