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The SimuCoin item cart was opened late during Ebon Gate 2018 in response to requests for more variety to spend Ebon Gate seahsells on.


a makeshift wooden cart, [Map Room (top of digging)], Lich #26589

[Caligos Isle, Upper Berm] RNUM: 26589
Cresting the slope of the berm, and at the farthest point from the waterline, hardy tufts of beach grass poke up through the dark sand, preventing storms and high winds from eroding the narrow shelf. Close by, a bumbling aelotoi tourist mills about on a raised log platform loosely bound together by strands of torn, dirty cloth. You also see a makeshift wooden cart with some stuff on it, a shallow wooden bin, a prominent notice on a flimsy stake and a pile of uncommon treasure.
Obvious exits: down

Prices in Ebon Gate seashells

On the makeshift wooden cart you see:

an urchin guide contract 30-day urchin guide contract 750
a silvery blue potion 30-day encumbrance potion 10000
a squat pale blue crystal bottle 100 spell up pills 25000
a pair of prismatic goggles Reim goggles pin-worn 10000
a glowing orb 10 Reim entries 10000
a shadowy grey cracked skull pin enhancive hider pin-worn 10000
a swirling nexus orb Quest nexus (1 use) 10000