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2018 Inventory

a large green and gold marbled canvas tent, [Map Room 19], Lich #26424, go tent (CALIGOS ISLE, LANDING)


[Three's a Crowd, Labels] RNUM: 27476
The large space is broken by a curtain that separates the front area from the rest of the tent. Gold thread swirls through the forest green canvas, creating a marbling effect that catches the light from the torches stuck in the dirt floor at the corners of the space. In the center of the area, a circular wooden display holds three sections of wares for sale. A gap in the curtain leads deeper into the tent.
Obvious exits: out


On the label section you see:

a shred of yellowed paper 5000
a slip of off-white paper
a piece of torn parchment
a card of stiff white parchment
a slip of blue-edged vellum
a slip of yellowed vellum
an opaque black vellum tag
a slim white tag
a pale paper label
a silver and gold vellum label

On the container section you see:

Label holders

a wax-coated thick vellum envelope 50000
a wrinkled pale paper envelope
a slim pale scrimshaw case
a small dented metal case
a striped cocobolo box
a slim ebonwood box
an embossed brushed leather folio
a pocket-sized buffed leather folio
a sinew-bound rough leather portfolio
a gold-edged pale leather portfolio

On the solvent section you see:

a fluffy feather quill 2000
a thin ebonwood stylus
a vial of murky black solvent 10000
a vial of vivid violet solvent
a vial of clear solvent



[Three's a Crowd, Shoes] RNUM: 27477
This section of the tent is bookended by curtains dividing the interior space. One end sports a narrow gap leading to the front area, while opposite, a ragged slit that leads deeper into the tent. The marbled canvas walls on either side are lined with narrow displays that house a variety of footwear, leaving a central aisle clear for walking. A torch stuck into the dirt floor in each corner lends a flickering glow to the room, and illuminates the wares set up on the displays.

Mortasha dancing shoes

On the women's shoe rack you see:

a pair of spike-heeled sandals with cord laces foot-worn 25000
a pair of woven hemp sandals with sinew laces
a pair of black satin sandals with ribbon laces
a pair of peep-toe leather sandals with thin laces
a pair of balsa wedge sandals with woven hemp laces
a pair of silver satin slippers with black cord laces
a pair of pale pink silk slippers with rose ribbon laces
a pair of drab canvas slippers with thin leather laces
a pair of olive silk slippers with braided sinew laces
a pair of red silk slippers with onyx-studded laces

On the men's shoe table you see:

a pair of green leather boots with brown cord laces foot-worn 25000
a pair of black leather boots with thin braided laces
a pair of sturdy leather boots with faded laces
a pair of patchwork boots with braided sinew laces
a pair of thick wool boots with fleece laces
a pair of thick canvas shoes with leather laces
a pair of navy canvas shoes with black laces
a pair of grey suede shoes with white laces
a pair of ebon suede shoes with thin laces
a pair of plain leather shoes with cord laces



[Three's a Crowd, Containers] RNUM: 27478
The air in this area of the tent is stuffy and scented like smoke from the torches burning in each corner of the room. The green canvas walls are marbled with gold thread that glints in the light. A bin to one side contains several large containers, while a standing rack with hooks houses containers of a smaller nature. At one end of the room, a ragged slit in the curtain divider leads out, while in the wall opposite, a break in the curtain leads deeper into the tent.

Pocket Full container

On the standing rack you see:

a jade-beaded grey suede neckpouch Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
any number of items of very small size
an oak-beaded verdant suede neckpouch
a gold-beaded brown suede neckpouch
a silver-beaded blue suede neckpouch
an onyx-beaded white suede neckpouch

In the bin you see:

a gold-clasped azure faille backpack Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a silver-edged white silk backpack
an onyx-clasped black bourde backpack
an oversized brown bourde backpack
a ruby-stitched grey canvas backpack

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the break.