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Pocket full containers (aka morphing container) were introduced at Ebon Gate 2012 by Sammee and are able to morph between sides featuring various sizes. Off-the-shelf versions start out with two sides and can be unlocked for a total of four. Two types of containers are available: ones that can be further lightened or deepened and ones that are already max light and deep. Any talented merchant is able to work on one side at a time, and what is done for one side is not transferable to the others (ie a deepen in the cloak portion does not mean the other sides were deepened as well).


The creator has also provided the following information:

This is a morphing container.  You can TURN it to switch from one tier to the next.  If the current container is too full for the next, you will not be able to switch.

It currently has 4 tiers unlocked out of a possible total of 4.

Each tier can be altered with either a long description or a show.  Each tier can also be lightened or deepened if it is not already at the maximum for either (see below).

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the black bourde cloak for you or have its pockets deepened.


TURN You turn your ebonwood case and it blurs in your hands. When your hands still, you are holding a gold-strapped scarlet suede musette. XXX turns her ebonwood case and it blurs in her hands. When her hands still, she is holding a gold-strapped scarlet suede musette.


Large container

TIER 1 2 3 4
Side a gold-hooded black bourde cloak a gold-inlaid ebonwood case a gold-strapped scarlet suede musette a gold-stitched claret brocade backpack
Location cloakworn beltworn shoulderworn backworn
Size significant medium slightly large significant