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2015 & 2016 Inventory

a tall red and blue tent, Room 16, Lich #20317, go tent

[Totally Runed]
An elongated lacquered counter divides the area in half, cutting off customers from the back where a huge stockpile of staves, crooks, and canes have collected. Standing behind the counter are a pair of halfling twins, each identically garbed in floppy wizard hats and matching red and blue robes. A few glass lanterns hang from the tent's ceiling, creating a soft glow to the little room.
Obvious exits: out
In the Common language, it reads:
Behold, turtles!

Light Blue - Spirit Warding I
Dark Blue - Spirit Warding II
Bright Yellow - Dispel Invisibility
Light Pink - Undisease
Light Green - Unpoison
Shadowy - Unpresence
Smooth Black - Darkness
Storm Grey - Bravery
Bright White - Preservation
Silvery - Lockpick Enhance
Crimson - Disarm Enhance
Orange - Floating Disk
Forest Green - Natural Colors
Prismatic - Prismatic Guard
Opaque - Mass Blur
Shimmering - Invisibility
Three-eyed - Arcane Decoy
Red-Eyed - Mystic Focus

On the counter you see

a smooth black deringo staff carved with golden sigils runestaff 22750
a sanded white hoarbeem runestaff capped with a sparkling green shard 46000
a gnarled ironwood crook 104000
a darkly-stained mossbark staff inlaid with chips of lapis 72000
a lacquered white orase runestaff wrapped with crimson leather 108000
a leather-wrapped dark rowan staff capped with a red crystal sphere 9900
a dark red villswood crook tooled with ebony runes 95500

In the case you see

a light blue glass turtle Spirit Warding I (101) 3750
a deep blue glass turtle Spirit Warding II (107) 7500
a bright yellow glass turtle Dispel Invisibility (109) 5825
a light pink glass turtle Undisease (113) 7500
a light green glass turtle Unpoison (114) 7912
a shadowy glass turtle Unpresence (204) 7025
a smooth black glass turtle Darkness (206) 8587
a storm grey glass turtle Bravery (211) 25000
a bright white glass turtle Preservation (305) 1870
a small silvery glass turtle Lock Pick Enhancement (403) 5000
a small crimson glass turtle Disarm Enhancement (404) 5620
a tiny orange glass turtle Floating Disk (511) 12500
a forest green glass turtle Natural Colors (601) 2812
a prismatic glass turtle Prismatic Guard (905) 9375
an opaque glass turtle Mass Blur (911) 15000
a shimmering glass turtle Invisibility (916) 18375
a three-eyed glass turtle Arcane Decoy (1701) 2500
a red-eyed dark glass turtle Mystic Focus (1711) 22500