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2016 Inventory

a black canvas tent flanked by a pair of burning candelabras, Room 44, Lich #20305, go tent

Sales Room

[Woeful Wines, Sales Room]
Decorated almost entirely in shades of black, this excessively decorated tent could almost be mistaken for a funeral home. Death masks, somber portraits, and other grim mementos clutter nearly every available wall and surface. Only a solitary display of champagne bottles, guarded by a somber sales clerk, betrays the fact that this is a shop at all.
Obvious exits: out
Life is full of pain, misery, regret, and loss.
Celebrate this, and more, with a festive bottle of champagne.
Give the gift of calumny by shaking a bottle before opening it at a loved one.
Before ending your life with one of the sabres for sale, try using it to open a bottle with great aplomb.
Carry a bottle and two glasses in a stylish case for a romantic picnic at a pauper's grave.
I will visit regularly to customize my wares to make them more appropriately gloomy.
 ~ Ghlum

On the display you see:

a clear glass champagne bottle wrapped in a linen shroud 2000
a sickly green glass champagne bottle with a torn gold foil cap 2000
a black glass champagne bottle with a peeling label 2000
a small skull-shaped case with gleaming onyx eyes Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
a few items
a small coffin-shaped polished mahogany case Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
a few items
a tarnished black-tasseled silver sabre scimitar 10000
a slim crystal flute 5000
an austere silver flute 5000

On the gloomy votive-lit pedestal you see:

a handful of dead rose petals 1000
a slender black pillar candle 3500


Work Room

[Woeful Wines, Work Room]
An oversized oil portrait of a grim old woman dominates this otherwise desultory workspace. A trio of wooden benches are pointed at the portrait, almost in respect, while a multitude of candles, dead flowers, and other totems of affection litter the floor beneath it.