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Scimitars are weapons that are commonly associated with pirates and Arabian swordsmen. Although, in more recent times, the scimitar, or sabre, was issued to army officers -- more for decorative purposes than useful purposes. They were often used as slashing weapons for close-range fighting by cavalry. They are still commonly used in marching drills and as ceremonial swords for formal occasions by the United States military.


A scimitar is a backsword-type weapon, being single-edged and has a sharply curving blade. The hilt of a scimitar is usually angled to allow for extra leverage when swinging, which is not a design incorporated into double-edged weapons due to the fact that a double-edged weapon can be swung two different ways.

Alternate Names

  • Charl's-tail
  • cutlass
  • disackn
  • kilij
  • palache
  • sabre
  • sapara
  • shamshir
  • yataghan

Note: kama was previously an alternate name for scimitars, but it moved to the fist-scythe base as of 3/23/17. If you would like your 'kama' scimitar-based weapon updated to one of the currently approved terms, you can ASSIST to have that done.

Game Mechanics

A scimitar can be compared to a longsword easily, as the longsword does the same type of damage and is the same speed. However, the scimitar has lower damage factors than the longsword against every type of armor, has lower AvDs than a longsword against every type of armor, and has lower breakage values than the longsword.

Weapon AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate RT Min RT Damage Type STR/DU
AsG 1 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Scimitar DF .375 .260 .210 .200 .165 4 4 Slash/Puncture/Crush 60/150
AvD 30 31 30 29 28 30 28 26 24 30 26 22 18 30 24 18 12

The scimitar has a standard weight of 5 lbs.

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