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a porch-fronted wooden cabin, [Map Room 60], Room# 8083164, Lich# L31692, go wooden cabin

Ember Ridge, Cider House

[Ember Ridge, Cider House - 8083209]
Rough timber walls form the interior of this simple A-frame cabin. Aromatic cedar competes with the sweet scents of simmering apples and spices in the enclosed space. A plank counter holds baskets of apples in dozens of varieties. Dry leaves crunch underfoot, mingling with a smattering of spilled spices across the otherwise smooth wooden floorboards and congregating around the base of a gnomish clockwork cider press.
Obvious exits: out

TURN to use the press. Cost is 500 silver per turn.

>turn press
You hand some silvers to the nearby clerk who steps aside and gives you access to the clockwork cider press.
You step forward and turn the crank on the side of the clockwork cider press.  Exposed gears spin with your effort, driving numerous metal "foot-shaped" pounders in a rapid up and down motion, effectively crushing the apples within.
Roundtime: 3 secs.

You finish up the process while a nearby clerk affixes your label to a clay jug and hands it to you.  Satisfied with your selection, you turn the tap filling the jug, and cork it.
Ember Ridge Fresh Pressed Cider
Cider Flavors
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