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a red-lacquered mahogany door framed in fangs and claws, [Map Room 52], Room# 8083126, Lich# L31968, go mahogany door

The Familiar Phantom

[The Familiar Phantom - 8084481]
Stained glass globes illuminate the curtain-covered shop, the tiny votives dancing within the spheres as they cast shadows across a fine-grained haon display nestled between twin cages of pewter wire. Leather-bound volumes lay open across a circular table in the center of the room, the bestiaries' illustrations replicated in sketchings pinned to the vertical planks comprising the walls. Faint howls and chirps seem to emanate from a group of talismans hung on the far wall, fading into the din of the shop. You also see a talisman list, a hastily scribbled note and a large illuminated sign.
Obvious exits: out
a talisman list
In the Common language, it reads:

~.* Featured Familiar Friends *.~

Each talisman summons a familiar similar to its own form, detailed as follows.

 a white-eared frosty grey wolf
 a two-tailed flame red fox
 a pale-eyed shadowy black cat
 a ghostly white raven
 a light-spotted ink black frog
 a red-eyed fanged black bat

The finer details are left to the curious customer to discover!

a hastily scribbled note
In the Common language, it reads:
Wizards should note that the talismans on display may be bound simply by casting the Call Familiar (920) spell -- subsequent casts will summon the bound familiar.

a large illuminated sign
In the Common language, it reads:
The subtly carved talisman on the table is a blank familiar talisman with twenty charges.  The others are bound to examples of some rare, local familiar varieties which seem to elude some folks when performing a common summons.  You will find they have features you are unlikely to have seen before and finer details than most common familiars when looked at closely.

On the haon display you see: a fanged bat talisman, a black frog talisman, a white raven talisman, a shadowy cat talisman, a fiery fox talisman, and a frosty wolf talisman.

Item Type Info Details Price
a fanged bat talisman < 1 lb
a black frog talisman < 1 lb
a white raven talisman < 1 lb
a shadowy cat talisman < 1 lb
a fiery fox talisman < 1 lb
a frosty wolf talisman < 1 lb

On the circular table you see: a subtly carved ebony talisman, a sleek pale ash talisman, and a rough blood wood talisman.

Item Type Info Details Price
a subtly carved ebony talisman < 1 lb
a sleek pale ash talisman < 1 lb
a rough blood wood talisman < 1 lb