Ebon Gate Cooking Contest

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New to Ebon Gate this year is a Cooking Contest (styled after the cooking contests that ran during past River Rest's Pickle Festivals).

To enter, the merchant/service/game pass will be required. If an entry is submitted, and the participant who submitted it is unable to attend the live portion of the contest due to not having a pass, they will be immediately disqualified.

The requirements are as follows:

In advance, players will be made aware of the year's theme, and they will be asked to provide the following:

  • A Name for Their Dish
  • Ingredients (up to 10 - including the one that will be the year's theme)
  • Cooking Instructions
  • A 15/15/15 Base Description (it can also have a long if you need it)
  • TWO Taste Messages for the Dish

Because EG is such a large event, only 10 participants will be allowed, and if there are submissions in excess of this amount, the 10 most popular ones will be selected internally by way of vote for actual participation in the contest. Those not chosen will receive a participation reward. (Further details forth coming.)

Submissions will be required in advance of the festival as we need time to make the dishes and have all the messaging QC'd.

Participants in the actual contest will receive a free cookbook (no, it is not involved, related to, or working with the new cooking system), containing all of that year's participating recipes. Other persons not participating will be able to purchase a cookbook if they so desire.

Further prizes will be announced as they are available, and dates and deadlines will be posted as organized.

Entry Information

Submissions can be submitted via entry form from 9/15 to 9/30. This is a HARD deadline. No exceptions, refunds, or exchanges!

Yearly Details