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Naidem, the land between where those that have died but are not ready to move on, or the respective deities are not ready to claim them, reside, and is home to the village of Evermore Hollow. As of 2022, it is the new permanent home for the Ebon Gate Festival.

Run Dates & Schedule

Dates Storyline Schedule Merchant Week Live Games Week Services Schedule Games Schedule Shop Listings Treasure Trove Announcements
Prime Plat Prime Plat Prime Plat
September 29 - October 31, 2023 9/29 - 10/6 & 10/22 - 10/27
10/13 - 10/20 10/6 - 10/13 10/6 - 10/13 9/29 - 10/6 Prime 2023 Plat 2023 2023 Live Games & GHOUL 2023 Shop Listing 2023 Trove Prizes 2023 Announcements
September 30 - October 30, 2022 10/14 - 10/21 10/7 - 10/14 10/7 - 10/14 9/30 - 10/7 Prime 2022 Plat 2022 2022 Live Games & GHOUL 2022 Shop Listing 2022 Trove Prizes 2022 Announcements


  • Automated Games - entries purchased with SimuCoins. Each offers the ability to earn soul shards.
    • Trick-or-Treat - Returning in 2022 to Evermore Hollow, Trick-or-Treat allows participants to obtain a variety of prizes. Cost for entry is 100 SimuCoins.
    • Herb Hunt - NEW in 2022, the Herb Hunt allows participants the chance to wander the Gardens of Bittermere woods in search of a toadshade, similar to the Fox Hunt at Rumor Woods. Lucky winners may even find a new Mandrake pet to take home. Cost for entry is 100 SimuCoins.
    • Arena of the Abyss - Returning in 2022 to Evermore Hollow. Entrants face five undead creatures, one a time, and when complete, prizes are awarded, including a chance at necrotic ring. Cost for entry is 10 SimuCoins.
    • Sonreeva - New in 2022 to Evermore Hollow, alternatively known as Newcropolis. More information coming soon. Cost for entry is 10 SimuCoins.
  • Live Games - accessible with a merchant pass. To view the schedule, click here. Note: All times listed in EDT.
    • Cooking Contest - New in 2022, entries are submitted prior to the event so they may be QC'd and created in enough time to have a live taste testing.
  • Spook Contest - New in 2022, join the contest by visiting the Spectral Waifling at the Spookorium to get started. Top five winners at the end of Ebon Gate will receive special titles.
  • Fishing - Returning in 2022 to Evermore Hollow. As in previous years, participants can throw a line into the water and win various prizes, including new Death Announcement Customizations. Cost will be 50 soul shards per entry.

Live Games and GHOUL Schedules

  • 2023 Live Games
  • Prime Schedule
    Game Dates Times Locations
    Costume Contest Sunday, October 1 2:00pm [Icebriar Lake, Winter's Edge] (8083079)
    Blind Luck Friday, October 6 9:00pm [The Gallivant, Marquee] (8085023)
    Cryptic Chronicles Saturday, October 7 2:00pm [Abandoned Cemetery] (8085034)
    Pyrestarters Sunday, October 8 4:00pm [Bonfire of the Gallivants] (8085033)
    Spooky Ciphers Monday, October 9 9:00pm [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
    Haunted Spirits Tuesday, October 10 9:00pm [Gallivant Manor, Kitchen] (8085062)
    Wheel of Misfortune Wednesday, October 11 9:00pm [Under the Manor] (8085066)
    GHOUL Thursday, October 12 9:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Tuesday, October 17 3:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Saturday, October 21 1:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Tuesday, October 24 9:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Friday, October 27 9:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Sunday, October 29 8:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
  • Platinum Schedule
    Game Dates Times Locations
    Cryptic Chronicles Sunday, October 1 4:00pm [Abandoned Cemetery] (8085034)
    Blind Luck Sunday, October 1 6:00pm [The Gallivant, Marquee] (8085023)
    Pyrestarters Monday, October 2 9:00pm [Bonfire of the Gallivants] (8085033)
    Spooky Ciphers Tuesday, October 3 9:00pm [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
    Haunted Spirits Wednesday, October 4 9:00pm [Gallivant Manor, Library] (8085065)
    Wheel of Misfortune Thursday, October 5 9:00pm [Under the Manor] (8085066)
    Costume Contest Sunday, October 15 3:00pm [Yvalyst Manor, Ballroom] (u8089005)
    GHOUL Saturday, October 7 8:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Sunday, October 15 1:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Tuesday, October 17 9:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
    Sunday, October 29 3:00pm [The Sorrowwood Crypt, Tombs] (u8083365)
  • 2022 Live Games
  • Prime Schedule
    Game Dates Times
    Haunted Spirits Friday, October 7 9:00pm
    Lethal Libations Saturday, October 8 2:00pm
    Cooking Contest Saturday, October 8 5:00pm
    Chilling Tales Sunday, October 9 4:00pm
    Otherwordly Omens Monday, October 10 9:00pm
    Spooky Ciphers Tuesday, October 11 9:00pm
    Ghastly Guts Wednesday, October 12 9:00pm
    GHOUL Thursday, October 13 9:00pm
    Saturday, October 15 1:00pm
    Costume Contest Monday, October 17 9:00pm
    GHOUL Tuesday, October 18 3:00pm
    Tuesday, October 25 9:00pm
    Friday, October 28 9:00pm
    Sunday, October 30 8:00pm
  • Platinum Schedule
    Game Dates Times
    Ghastly Guts Saturday, October 1 2:00pm
    Chilling Tales Sunday, October 2 4:00pm
    Cooking Contest Sunday, October 2 7:00pm
    Lethal Libations Monday, October 3 9:00pm
    Haunted Stories Tuesday, October 4 9:00pm
    Otherworldly Omens Wednesday, October 5 9:00pm
    Spooky Ciphers Thursday, October 6 9:00pm
    Costume Contest Friday, October 14 7:00pm
    GHOUL Friday, October 14 8:00pm
    Sunday, October 16 11:00am
    Tuesday, October 18 9:00pm
    Sunday, October 30 3:00pm



The featured currency for Evermore Hollow is soul shards which are used to purchase goods and services from the various shops. They can be earned through participation in the various available activities.


Shopping is available on the grounds, with new items introduced for sale each year.

Treasure Trove

Introduced in 2019 to the Ebon Gate festival, Evermore Hollow will feature its own Treasure Trove raffle area similar to the one found at Duskruin. - Updated in 2023.

Eve of the Reunion

Debuting in 2021, the Eve of the Reunion event offers those lucky enough to find an invitation Trick-or-Treating opportunity to purchase necrotic ring charging goo and get one of the remaining trove items not drawn during the raffles. - Discontinued after 2022.

Merchant Work and Raffles

Merchant week during the festival features many merchants and raffles available to those with a merchant pass.

Ebon Gate Festival/services 2023

Automated Services

Automated services are those that can be performed without merchant intervention and are done through NPC interactions.

  • Incanter - Returning once again to charge carousels, the incanter can be found wandering the grounds.
  • Quinton Manse - New in 2022, Quinton Manse features NPCs capable of performing much sought after services. Custom flare certificates will be sold here, as well.
    • Fusion Shaman - Have a great enhancive on a not-so-great item? Tokens found in Arena of the Abyss grant access to his services, and from there, you can select which enhancive property to convert to a tier 2 fusion orb. He can be found in the Parlor.
    • Dabbler - New to Evermore Hollow, the dabbler can automatically remove properties from equipment, similar to Duskruin. He can be found in the Eastern Nook.
    • Study - Unlock certificates of items previously sold can be purchased here.
    • Sylinar - Returning in 2022, Sylinar is hiding out in the Garden and will be offering the same services he had before, with some improvements:
    • Auto-flarer - Debuting in 2018 at Caligos Isle, the auto-flarer grants flares, both scripted and not, to eligible items when presented with an appropriate token and payment. He can be found in the Western Nook. For a list of eligible flares, click here.
Purchasable in Quinton Manse Treasure Trove
Common Uncommon Rare Scripted/Rare
Cold Acid Crush Banshee
Heat Air Puncture Blink
Impact Disintegrate Slash Magma
Lightning Disruption - Rotflares
Vacuum Grapple - -
- Plasma - -
- Steam - -
- Unbalance - -
- Water - -

Unique Gems

To see a list of unique gems exclusive to Evermore Hollow, click here.

Storyline Information

Quest Information

Opening in 2022, Evermore Hollow a quest for the Guidebook to the Unliving.

Quest Reward Information

This Guidebook starts you on your adventures in Naidem by giving you small tasks to complete. Each task unlocks a new chapter in your Guidebook that is designed to ease your transition into this new realm. Note: Regardless of if you’ve completed the quest, each portal leading to a merchant’s workroom has been equipped with a Monster Bold display of what the merchant is working on, when they started, and how long they will be working.

Completing every quest fully unlocks the Guidebook and provides the following:

  • Detailed chapters of about each area in Bittermere Woods, Ember Orchard, Evermore Hollow, Gleyminn Anni River, and Graveyard Temporalis.
  • Your book now becomes a guide to working merchants during Service Week.
  • Your book now tells you what each merchant is working on and when they started.
  • Your book now becomes a guide to all currently running raffles.
  • Your book now teleports you to the shop of a working merchant (PnC only).

Additional Information

Key Locations


Quest Type Room Name Lich Room Number Room ID
Newcropolis Sonreeva, Mausoleum 32213 8083347
Spook Pin Town Hall, Spookorium 31813 8084003
Guidebook Quest Town Hall, Hallway 32200 8084004


Game Room Name Lich Room Number Room ID
Trick or Treat Endeltime Estates, Neighborhood 31980 8086199
Herb Hunt The Garden Shack 31978 8086350
Arena of the Abyss Arena of the Abyss, Influx 28549 8225001


Fishing Location Fishing Area Name Lich Room Number Room ID
Gleyminn Anni River, Island Stream of Reflections 31834 8083431
Gleyminn Anni River, Shore Moss Pond 32073 8083432
Gleyminn Anni River, Rocky Path Misty Waters 31846 8083429
Gleyminn Anni River, Shore Mold Marsh 32074 8083430


Room Name Lich Room Number Room ID
[Evermore Hollow, Jester's Court] 31567 u8083006
[Evermore Hollow, Fallen Court] 31561 u8083007
[Evermore Hollow, Fate's Fire] 31591 u8083010
[Evermore Hollow, Nature's Glade] 31571 u8083008
[Evermore Hollow, Noble Guardian] 31603 u8083009
[Fate's Barrow] 31771
[Bittermere Woods, Convergence] 31660

Automated Services

Service Room Name Lich Room Number Room ID
Bank [Otherworldly Wealth, Lobby] 31775 8084062
Enhancive Swap [Quinton Manse, Hedged Garden] 32076 8084687
Flare Additions [Quinton Manse, Western Nook] 31773 8084686
Gem Pile [Antiquarian Manor, Showroom] 31755 8084696
Permifier [Antiquarian Manor, Garden] 31606 8084692
Soul Shard Exchange [Gavelsdown Hall, Sitting Room] 31576 8084015
Wishing Well [Bittermere Woods, Convergence] 31660 8083262


This section has not been added yet; please add to it now!


Activity Item(s) Cost Length Applicability
Merchant Pass Ebon Gate service pass 3000 SimuCoins Event Duration Character
10 Characters for Platinum
Arena of the Abyss
an enruned stone cube* 10 SimuCoins 5 rounds or death/surrender Per Entry
Herb Hunt
a gilded copper barrel key (1 entry) 100 SimuCoins 10 "treats" Per Entry
a gilded ivory barrel key (10 entries) 1000 SimuCoins
a gilded silver barrel key (25 entries) 2500 SimuCoins
a gilded laje barrel key (50 entries) 5000 SimuCoins
a gilded alum barrel key (100 entries) 10000 SimuCoins
a gilded vaalin barrel key (250 entries) 25000 SimuCoins
Fishing - 50 soul shards Fish is caught or person leaves area Per Entry

The merchant event is scheduled to be 7 days in each instance (Prime and Plat) as noted in the schedule, but the pass is set up for the duration of the event to cover any mishaps or re-scheduling.
* The base item is the same, however "an enruned stone cube" is available in 1, 10, 50, 100, and 250 count entries.


Titles have been made available for contest winners.

To view the lists of potential titles, click here.
Contest Titles 
Title Type Year Requirement
Grand Spookster of Naidem Postname 2022 Top Single Score Evermore Hollow Spook Contest (5)
Terror of the Haunted Postname 2022 Top Cumulative Score Evermore Hollow Spook Contest (5)
Apprentice Chef Postname 2022 Third Place Evermore Hollow Cooking Contest
Chef Postname 2022 Second Place Evermore Hollow Cooking Contest
Master Chef Postname 2022 First Place Evermore Hollow Cooking Contest

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