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Item Draw Day & Date Time Location
Fully Unlocked Magic Pot Friday, October 23 10:00pm
Ethereal tattoo weapons Saturday, October 24 2:30pm Wounded for Wear (Lich #24350)
Bottomless Custom Cobbling Dye Saturday, October 24 3:00pm Come to Heel, Reception (Lich #22514)
Upgrade Intrument to Master Quality Saturday, October 24 5:00pm Intrumental Interlude (Lich #20368, search entrance)
Fully Unlocked Arkati Box Saturday, October 24 5:00pm Go Figure (Lich #22496)
Fully Groomed Hedgehog Pet Saturday, October 24 8:30pm Eye of the Hawk (Lich #21471)
Custom Unlimited Lipgloss Sunday, October 25 11:30am Pucker Up (Lich #22594)
Bow Sighting (max of level = Sephwir) Sunday, October 25 12:00pm Eye of the Hawk (Lich #21499, go mist - archer only)
Tier 3 unlocked petticoat Sunday, October 25 12:30pm Act of Neutrality, Sitting Room (Lich #22583)
Forged weapon enchanting Sunday, October 25 1:00pm
Fully unlocked Stufimals Sunday, October 25 2:00pm Wild Things, Euphoria (Lich #24123)
Unlimited Flaring Fletching Razor Sunday, October 25 5:10pm Eye of the Hawk (Lich #21499)
A Metallic Egg Sunday, October 25 6:00pm Untamed Mess (Lich #22488)
Adding a Flare to an Item Sunday, October 25 8:00pm A Fine Line Between (Lich #21457)
One of Three Fully Unlocked Coats Sunday, October 25 9:00pm Boil and Toil (Lich #21508)
Fully unlocked Magic Pot Sunday, October 25 10:00pm The Hairy Potter (Lich #22525)
Forehead Gem Monday, October 26 6:59pm Blackshire Emporium (Lich #22625)
Silvery grey eonake katar (4x Sanc) Monday, October 26 9:30 PM Barroom Brawl, bunkroom (Lich #24201)
Fully unlocked shop items Tuesday, October 27 6:30pm The Coventry (Lich #24279)
Fully unlocked Stufimals Friday, October 30 6:00 PM


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