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Custom Flare Messaging

With just over a month until Ebon Gate, GM Thandiwe is the first one with a LEAK! There will be about a dozen flares that can be customized, including Fire, Cold, Electricity, and 7 more! She shows those three, but keeps the 7 under wraps, the tease! the Officials. She offered these FAQs in a subsequent post:

  • Runestaves? Yes, if they already possess one of the 10 flare types.
  • Bless? Not at this time.
  • Work with Scripts? Yes, so long as they don't have a customized flare message already.
  • What Flares? For Ebon Gate this year it is fire, cold, electricity, acid, vacuum, plasma, steam, unbalance, grapple, and impact.
  • Any weapon? Any weapon that already has a flare in it that is also one of the flare-types listed above.
  • These can be added to your already flaring weapon. The certificate does not provide the flare, too. In order to add the acid message to a weapon, you must have an acid weapon and an acid certificate.
  • This does not take up the flare slot.
  • Greater flares weapon? It will give the custom flare messaging for the regular flare, but the greater flare will remain as it always has been.

And now with more flares! GM Thandiwe previews Fire, Cold, and Acid messaging for the two other kinds of flares. The first was the Ghezresh flavor (dragon eel); now look for the Ebon Gate (Ghosts) and Caligos Isle (whip) flaring in her second posting at the Officials.

These custom flare messages will be on certificates that you apply yourself which will be found at Ebon Gate. READ and ANALYZE will be your friend.

Fancy Sheaths

GM Sindin is bringing us some sheaths with lots of zesty styling. Not boring, he calls them, and here's the preview from the Forums:

>You awkwardly stab at your patchwork tin sheath with your golvern broadsword before finally managing to stow it.

>You draw your golvern broadsword from your eahnor scabbard with a bold flourish, ready to leap into the fray!

>You polish your vruul skin thigh-sheath's dark kelyn throat to a gleaming shine.

Gemcutter Patterns

GM Valryka offers only that one phrase of hope to gemcutter fans everywhere, "gemcutter patterns" at the officials.

Voln Armor

GM Quilic brings the news that there will be limited quantities of Voln Armor for sale, off the shelf. Plus, there will be a few lucky winners for Voln unlocks. GS Forums Announcement link

Something New to Weave On

GM Valryka's previewing something new for you to weave on at the Officials:

>You weave a twisted vaalin link into a woven chain of twisted vaalin links.

>You weave a small golden lotus blossom into a woven chain of twisted vaalin links.

>You are holding a simply woven necklace of twisted vaalin links and small golden lotus blossoms in your right hand.

Time for A Toe Teaser

GM Thandiwe previews certificates for footwraps from The Old One-Two to add extra comfort and little treasures, based on the terrain you are in. Posted at the Officials.

> pull my footwrap Feeling a pinch in your suede-wrapped feet, you reach down and pry a small wad of fur and dust from between your toes.

> analyze my dust You analyze your fur and dust and sense that the creator has provided the following information: This is a small environmental trinket created from the "Old One-Two Footwraps" that are sold on Caligos Island. This item was found between someone's toes when they were standing on a hard or flat surface-like terrain and then they pulled it free.

These little treasures are temporary and as such will not stick around long. Almost anything can destroy them, some randomly, others with specific actions.

A small wad of fur and dust has access to the following verbs: Rub and Smell. DO NOT ALTER THIS ITEM!

> rub my dust You rub the fur and dust between your forefinger and thumb, grinding it away into nothingness.

> pull my footwrap Feeling a pinch in your suede-wrapped feet, you reach down and pry a bit of thistle burr from between your toes.

>smell my bur You bring the thistle burr to your nose and breath deeply. It smells of dust, old plant, and your sinuses suddenly freak out from the odor of foot! You sneeze loud and explosively, causing the thistle burr to fly from your hand and shatter on the ground.

Each terrain has a special item and each special item has 2 verbs that they can use. Some stick around longer than others.