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GS3 Newsletter: Edition 1
April 6, 1999
Table of Contents

1. In-Game Events: Museum Tours, Storytelling Events, First Fridays:
Festival of Learning, Gladiator Games, The Festival of Oleani, The
Betrayal of Lorminstra Quest
2. Recent Releases: New Gods Document, Bard Song of Peace Released, Bard
Circle Spellsong 1010 Improved
3. New Players: New Player Tours
4. Contests: Vote for the GemStone III Site of the Year
5. Premium & Platinum News: Premium Weekly Raffle Continues, Serious
Roleplayers Go Platinum
6. News from the Online Store
7. Contact Us

1. In-Game Events:

For more information on all recent and upcoming events, check the in-game

Join the Order of Lorekeepers and Helden Hall for guided tours of the
history wing of the Wehnimer's Landing Museum. Unlock the secrets of this
ancient port town, whose promise of fortune has attracted adventurers of
every race for hundreds of years. Meet in front of the Museum, one block
east of the temple, every second Monday of the month.  Tours begin at 8 PM

The Order of Lorekeepers will also be hosting a Storytelling Hour in the
Stone Eye's Meeting Room.  Guest narrators will be telling the tales which
make up the rich history of our lands, and will be on hand afterwards to
answer your questions. These events will take place on the 1st and 15th of
every month, at 10 PM EST. Join us this month for:

Lord Truekillr on 4/15/99 telling "The Devastation of Bonespear Tower"
Lord Geijon on 5/1/99 telling "Tales from the Bathhouse - Unearthing the

Do you have a tale of historical or personal value to share? Send a
description, including the approximate length of time to tell it, to
arwen@play.net. If you missed a tale and would like to read a log of the
event, check out http://mentors.play.net.

The House of the Argent Aspis will be hosting The Festival of Learning on
the first Friday of every month at 10 PM EST.  Players of all levels are
invited to join in the hunts, games, and storytelling to learn more about
the land of Elanthia!  House Argent Aspis can be found at the far
southeast end of Wehnimer's Landing.

Spring is upon us, and the annual House sponsored Gladiator Games are
quickly approaching!  The defending champions, House of the Rising
Phoenix, invite you to come enjoy the spectacle and join your fellow
members in the quest to become Elanthia's new House Gladiator Games
Champion! Trials are scheduled from now through May 16th, with the Finals
set for May 22nd and 23rd. Check in-game NEWS 38 for current house trial
dates, and ask your House Officers to sign you up today!

Join us in Blaeston Village for a weekend of feasting and gaming to
celebrate the passing of winter and the beginning of summer. Explore a
huge new area in the Festival Grounds, and delight in the nightly parades
and bonfires! Best your enemies in the Jousting Tournament arenas and
Mudwrestling pits, or just eat, drink and gamble the night away in the One-
Armed Goblins. The festivities begin at 7pm EST on Friday, May 15th, and
run through 10pm EST on Sunday, May 17th. Tickets will go on sale in late
April. We hope to see you there!

There's still time to unravel the mystery of the Betrayal of Lorminstra.
More runs of Elanthia's most massive and unique quest are scheduled
throughout the Spring and early Summer. Experience the first in a series
of quests designed with over 100 variations so that the puzzles and
layouts are new on every run. Are you up to the challenge?  Use the in-
game QUEST verb to get the latest dates and times!

2. Recent Releases:

Don't know Gosaena from a gosling? Think an Arkati is a big boat? Help is
now available! Download the new Gods Document from the Official
Simutronics File Libraries on our website, or get it directly at:
Everything you always wanted to know about Elanthia's deities is now at
your fingertips!

Scholars at the Bardic College have been practicing 'til the wee hours
distilling the art of calming and peaceful verse into the beatific new
Song of Peace (Bard Circle 1011).  Singing the Song of Peace creates a
minor sanctuary that follows you, with a small delay to account for the
difficulty of maintaining the song. For more information, please read in-
game NEWS 42.

Sometime this spring, look for the release of a new Bard Spell!

Scholars at the Bardic College have improved the quality of verse for the
Song of Valor!
As elder bard Anhgrim Lewthoraen explained, "After intense study of
musical theory, we have been able to apply our knowledge to greatly
improve the bonus imparted by singing this spellsong! The singer will gain
+25 to physical and elemental DS, +1 for each Bard Circle spell known
beyond 25, capped at +50.  We're off to Helga's for some well-deserved
ale.  Enjoy!"

3. New Players:

New to GemStone III? Learn your way around Elanthia by joining daily New
Player Tours led by live GameHosts. This is a great way to meet fellow
players, ask questions about the game, and learn valuable tips and
tricks.  Tour times are listed below and are also available in-game by
typing TOUR. To participate, log-in to play during the scheduled times and
type JOIN TOUR within the game.

Tour Schedule:
(All times are EST)

Sunday         1:00 PM
Monday         11:30 PM
Tuesday        11:30 PM
Thursday       8:00 PM
Friday         8:00 PM
Saturday       9:30 PM

In addition to tours, Mentors are online 24 hours a day hosting Q&A
sessions and other special events for new players. To learn about all the
latest events GameMasters, GameHosts and Mentors have in store for you,
type NEWS.

4. Contests:

With so many great player-run sites out there, we couldn't decide on just
one... so we're asking for your help!  Go to
http://www.play.net/simunet_private/gs3/gs3frame_ns.asp and click on the
"Site of the Year" contest link to cast your vote. Voting will continue
through April 30th.

5. Premium & Platinum News:

Rumors have it that a certain well-known rogue with a penchant for
collecting odd and interesting treasure will continue to hold raffles
throughout the spring and summer.  He tends to appear on weekends, so keep
an eye out for him in both Platinum and Prime!

If you've been holding out on upgrading, why not join other players who
are enjoying exclusive Premium benefits? For one low monthly price, you'll
get more characters, a home of your own, access to private clubhouses and
hunting areas, and much more! For more information, please visit this
link: http://www.play.net/simunet_public/gs3/preminfo.asp

During March, GemStone III Platinum subscriptions were upgraded from 10 to
25 extra character slots!

What is Platinum, you ask? GemStone III Platinum is our answer to your
overwhelming cries for a smaller, close-knit roleplaying community. This
limited time package allows the serious roleplayer to relive the Golden
Age of GemStone III. For more information, click the "Play Platinum" link
on our website!

6. News from the Online Store:

Visit the GemStone III online store ­ the only place to purchase official
GemStone III merchandise! Choose from stylish sweatshirts, caps, jackets
and T-shirts; or treat a friend to a Gift of Adventure certificate, good
on any Simutronics product. Premium members receive 10% discount on most
items! To visit the store, login at http://www.gemstone.net and click on
the "Merchandise" link.

Security Reminder:

No one, including Simutronics employees, should EVER ask you for your
password!  Protect yourself and your character from potential sabotage by
keeping your password secret!

7. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop
us a line to say "hi", please write to gsfeedback@simutronics.com. We'd
love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of GemStone III. We hope
this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you
along in your adventures! If you have any news tips for us, please reply
to this email or write to: gs3-news@simutronics.com.

See you in the game!

The GemStone III Team

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