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GemStone III Newsletter: Edition 10
January 14, 2000

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Table of Contents

1. Elanthian Events: First Fridays Festival of Learning, Sorcerer
Roundtable, Coven Gala, January Events
2. New Releases: Buddy Contest Winners, Character Portraits, Elanthian
Times Returns, New Wedding Dates
3. Premium News: Premium Meeting, Valentine's Jewelry Contest
4. News from Simutronics: SimuCon 2000 Dates Announced
5. Contact Us

1. Elanthian Events:

The Festival of Learning will be hosted by the House of the Argent Aspis
on the first Friday of every month at 10 PM EST.  Hunts, games, stories
and opportunities to learn more about Elanthia and its history are open to
everyone!  Join us for the next festival on Friday, February 4th at the
House Argent Aspis, located at the far southeast end of Wehnimer's Landing.

Please join the Order of Lorekeepers for an open discussion on all things
pertaining to sorcerers.  The discussion will take place the first Sunday
of every month.  The next roundtable is scheduled for Sunday, February 6th
at 9:00 PM EST on top of the West Tower in Wehnimer's Landing.

The Coven Shoppe Mistresses, on behalf of Moonstone Abbey, are proud to
announce their third Semi-Annual Gala! Join them in Town Square, NE
Wehnimer's Landing on Saturday, February 5th at 8PM EST. Sister Cassioppia
will tell a story with her own creative flair, and if you guess the moral
at the end you could walk away with a note worth 100k! After the story,
check out the superior Shoppe wares, including ruby amulets, blue
crystals, imbedded items, and full bundles of herbs! The Mistresses will
also be casting free spells, weapon blesses and edges. We look forward to
seeing you there!

Mark your calendars now so you're sure not to miss the upcoming merchants,
events, and games!

January 19th: Laedriel's Alterations
January 20th & 27th: Boggle's Alterations
January 21st: Rockfinger's Emporium
January 23rd: Chortel's Toyworks
January 27th: Selandrial's Blades
January 28th: Snowflake Carnival, Icemule Trace, 9:00 PM EST (four-day
winter festival)

January 17th: Chortel's Toyworks (crafting flying toys)
January 19th: Tegan Dragon Bones
January 26th: Laedriel's Alterations

2. New Releases:

They told their friends about GemStone III and now they're reaping the
rewards! We'll be picking three winners at the end of every month, so just
keep spreading the word and you could be next! The names of the new lucky
winners are posted on the GemStone III web site each month following the
drawing. To participate, go to http://buddy.play.net/gs3.

Congratulations to this month's winners and good luck in the next drawing,
January 31st!

Grand Prize: Custom Character Alteration - Mauganra Doomswinger
Second Prize: Free Quest Ticket - Cudro Kyllim
Third Place: Free Month Subscription - Zephanis Holtid

They're going fast, so sign up now for your February Portraits! Let our
team of professional artists create a unique portrait of your character
for all to see inside the game. Simply submit a description of your
character and an artist will work from your own words! For more
information and to purchase tickets, check out the Character Portrait link
on the GemStone III website at http://gemstone.net.

A new media consortium has bought the Elanthian Times, the official
webzine of GemStone III.  Due to the chaos of transferring ownership, the
archives were turned over to marauding Krolvin pirates.  Please help us
put forth the best issue yet by sending your submissions, anything from
role-playing narratives to poetry and maps, to ElanthianTimes@aol.com.
Look for a new issue coming soon!

If you've met that special someone are looking for the perfect way to make
it official, let us help you celebrate in style! Our GameMasters will help
you design the wedding of your dreams with special touches from custom
invitations to the wedding cake. January and February dates are now
available - sign up early for Valentine romance! Check out the Wedding
link at http://gemstone.net for details and dates, or drop a note to our
wedding coordinators at gs3weddings@simutronics.com.

3. Premium News:

The next Premium meeting will be held Friday, January 14th at 7:00 PM EST
in the Frostacre Woods. Feast on the delectable refreshments provided by
the winners of November's "Holiday Food" contest (see PREMIUM 7 in-game
for the winning entries)!  Portals will be available inside the Halls, and
will return you to where you departed.  Please note that this meeting will
only be open to Four Wind members.

For the January 2000 Premium contest, all Premium members are invited to
design a piece of jewelry for one of our premium merchants! Ten winners
will be selected no later than February 10th - just in time for
Valentine's Day - and each will receive a simple alteration. See complete
contest details and entry form under PREMIUM 6 in-game, and submit your
entry to: GS3-Tigermist@play.net by midnight EST on January 25th.

4. News from Simutronics:


Join your friends, GameMasters, and the rest of the Simutronics staff in
making SimuCon 2000 at the Henry VIII Hotel the biggest and best ever!
Start making your plans now!  Drive, walk, fly, or crawl - just make sure
you will be in St. Louis, Missouri on the weekend of June 15th-18th to
join in all the fun and excitement of the first SimuCon of the new

Watch for more information in NEWS and on the Message Boards!

5. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop
us a line to say "hi", please reply to gsfeedback@simutronics.com. We'd
love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of GemStone III. We hope
this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you
along in your adventures! If you have any news tips for us, please reply
to this email or write to: gs3-news@simutronics.com.

See you in the game!

The GemStone III Team

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