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GemStone III Newsletter: Edition 12
March 16, 2000

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Table of Contents

1. Elanthian News: Buddy Contest Winners, New Roleplaying Verbs, All-New
Elanthian Times
2. Elanthian Events: Anniversary Events
3. Premium News: March Premium Contest, Premium Pets
4. News from Simutronics: Signup Now & Save!
5. Contact Us

1. Elanthian News:

They told their friends about GemStone III and now they're reaping the
rewards! We'll be picking three winners at the end of every month, so just
keep spreading the word and you could be next! The names of the new lucky
winners are posted on the GemStone III web site each month following the
drawing. To participate, go to http://buddy.play.net/gs3.

Congratulations to this month's winners and good luck in the next drawing,
March 31st!

Grand Prize: Custom Character Alteration - Guenhafyr Vonzauberwalder
Second Prize: Free Quest Ticket - Jaidhin Sha'Cor'el
Third Place: Free Month Subscription - Machean Zepp

You know the moments when you don't want to laugh but chuckle just won't
do it?  Try CHORTLE for those indecisive moments. And for the times that
pant and yell won't work, try to WHEEZE and YELP! Someone bothering you
perhaps? HISS or SQUEAL at them, or try CRYing in a different way.  If
that doesn't work, then simply IGNORE them.  And for those wanting to show
off those finely tuned muscles, CLENCH MUSCLES is for you! Check out NEWS
2 13 for even more new verbs... and get out there and STRUT your stuff!

The Elanthian Times has finally returned, bigger and better than ever
thanks to all your fantastic submissions! Check out the latest issue of
GemStone III's official online newsletter, full of articles, interviews,
stories and more written by citizens of Elanthia
(http://gemstone.play.net/etimes/et4). Share your knowledge and love of
the realms by contributing to the ET - click on the "Submission Info" link
for more details and send submissions to: ElanthianTimes@play.net.

2. Elanthian Events:

February 2000 marked the 10th year anniversary of GemStone III, the
flagship product of Simutronics Corp!  In recognition of this spectacular
milestone, the community of Elanthia and the staff of GemStone III have
prepared a number of celebratory events and surprises.

The following is a list of some of the events planned for March. Check the
separate NEWS items for more information on individual events. Have a
wonderful Founders Month!

March 6th-31st: Find a REAL GEM! (Type GEM for details)
March 15th: Hsark's Warrior Pins (Prime)
March 13th-19th: Roleplaying Week
March 18th: Faeilythe's Scavenger Hunt (NEWS 1 16) 7PM EST
March 18th: Melusine at Four Winds Hall (Premium)
March 20th-26th: Treasure Week
March 22nd: Hsark's Guessing Game (Prime)
March 24th-27th: The Elanthian Merchants Founders Festival
March 25th-26th: The Foehn's Promise Four Winds Auction (NEWS 1 9)
March 27th: Melusine's Return (Prime)

3. Premium News:

Announcing March's Premium contest: Design-a-Fluff-Item-for-Easter! Create
floral jewelry, delectable food, or just plain fluff. Check out PREMIUM 4
for item creation tips and PREMIUM 6 for the contest guidelines and rules.
Be sure to get your entries in by March 24th. Ten winners will be chosen
and awarded simple alterations. Good luck!

Homeowners, visit Zephyr Hall Atrium on the outskirts of Wehnimer's
Landing, where Elanthia's first ever world-renowned live animal trapper
and pet merchant has moved into his permanent new home.  He has animal
pets for purchase from all ecological zones to choose from.  Come pick out
your next best friend today!

4. News from Simutronics:

Join friends, GameMasters, and the rest of the Simutronics staff on the
weekend of June 15th-18th in St. Louis, Missouri for first SimuCon of the
new millenium!  Signup by April 14th and save up to $50! Check out the
official SimuCon 2000 website at http://simucon2000.com for valuable
discount offers, event schedules, memories from SimuCons past, and much
more. Register today!

5. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or comments about the game, or just want to drop
us a line to say "hi", please reply to gsfeedback@simutronics.com. We'd
love to hear from you!

Thanks again for joining us in the online world of GemStone III. We hope
this newsletter has given you some useful information that will help you
along in your adventures! If you have any news tips for us, please reply
to this email or write to: gs3-news@simutronics.com.

See you in the game!

The GemStone III Team

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