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                     The Elanthian Journal
                           Edition #27

The following articles of interest are contained herein:

2 ........................ PRIEST OF JASTEV KIDNAPPED, FEARED DEAD
3 ........................ NEW VOLN MONASTERY OPENS IN TA'VAALOR
4 ........................ A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH!
5 ........................ MOONSHINE MANOR'S GAMBLING NIGHT 3!
6 ........................ NEWS FROM ABOUT TOWNS
7 ........................ MERCHANT CHASE
8 ........................ SUBMISSION GUIDELINES


Dateline: Day 10th of Eoantos, 5104

Reports from correspondents throughout the lands tell of strange new beings that have entered our cities.  These "Treants" appear to be either sentient plant life, or very well-camouflaged rangers.  They have twisted masses of twigs, leaves, dirt and green moss for hair, and arms of twisted vines.

When asked for comment, the mayor's office in Wehimer's Landing issued the following statement:

"Whether or not these Treants mean good or ill cannot be determined at this time.  We caution all citizens to approach them with extreme caution."

Some adventurers have responded to the Treants by greeting them in a friendly manner.  Some, notably Lord Shonison and Lord Chivalrous, have tried killing them.  Once killed, a Treant in Icemule was heard to declared that his roots run deep and he would return.  While, killing newly discovered beings is a tricky business, it is not nearly as reprehensible as the behavior of those in Solhaven who have offered to kill their fellow citizens in order to curry favor with the Treants.

Eyewitnesses report seeing the Treants scattering what look like spores through the streets.  The purpose of these spores is a mystery, but as the witnesses also mention the Treants waving their leafy arms and muttering threats of vengence against the "cutters," the conclusion must be that it bodes no good.

In a piece of related news, the Order of Imaera has announced that several of their priestesses have seen visions of Imaera.  The Order concludes that something is amiss in the natural world and asks the general public to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.


Dateline: Day 10th of Eoantos, 5104: Solhaven

The Temple of Jastev in Solhaven reports that one of their Priests, Brother Horice has disappeared.  In the past few days, Brother Horice, a noted visionary, had claimed to receive a strong vision from Lord Jastev.  A number of followers also received visions at the temple while in his presence.

The visions were apparently unclear as to what is going to happen, but we did manage to discuss them briefly with the High Priest.

"A trying time is ahead of us, one completely unrelated to the Sword.  The people of the world need prepare themselves, for all that is beautiful and good may meet destiny and fade away at last."

When asked for details of the vision, the High Priest stated that he needed to meditate on them further, but that several citizens of the town may be able to answer a few questions about them.  He did note, however, that a "messenger" would soon make an appearance.  Hopefully, this messenger will clear things up.

The good priest Horice was last seen being dragged through the streets by his heels by a tall, tree-like being.  Several citizens report that they had seen what appeared to be a tall shrub dragging a robed, loudly-weeping figure into the woods.  They state that the creature disappeared into the trees and sobs continued for some time before ceasing abruptly.  His fellow priests at the temple are understandably concerned and ask to be contacted if anyone finds any clues to Brother Horice's whereabouts.  Or any remains.


Dateline: Day 5th of Eoantos, 5104: Ta'Vaalor

With the gracious support of our King, the Order of Voln has opened a new monastery in Ta'Vaalor.  Brother Vitharyl, Priest of Kai, has worked diligently for years in order to raise the funds and gain the King's permission to open the buildings.

The opening was not without travail.  The evil followers of Luukos were not about to allow his order to gain a foothold in Ta'Vaalor without a fight.  Hordes of undead rose up to oppose the new monastery by killing those who built it and those who sought to join it.  Sacred prayers were interrupted again and again by the hideous undead forces.  Thankfully, the heroic efforts by numerous adventurers kept the evil creatures from completely disrupting the events and the monastery now stands open to all those who wish to follow the path of enlightment.

~Correspondent Hellivana


Dateline: Day 5th of Eoantos, 5104: Wehnimer's Landing

A great earthquake shook all of Elanith a few days ago and what happened next shocked everyone everywhere.  A massive shadowy dragon erupted out of a mountain peak in the DragonSpine Mountains and took flight, passing over most of the major cities.  It soon disappeared for a period of time until it was once again discovered flying along the Western Coast of Elanith.

No one would fully realize the reason behind this dragon's appearance until a Priestess of Lorminstra came forward with a story:

"Long ago, each of the Arkati was given a task in healing the land and restoring things to how they were before the Great War.  The Arkati's powers were still developing.  When Lorminstra would return a worthy soul back from the brink of the Ebon Gate, she would not fully heal them, both body and soul.  As she learned to harness the full potential of their powers, she then would extend gifts of healing those worthy in full for their devotion of her deeds."

"Kor'thriss, the shadowy dragon everyone saw this evening, is the guardian of the world.  It is his task to collect the excess essence that lingers behind whenever someone dies without being fully healed.  This essence takes the shape of a wisp. If it remains, it would have a dire effect on the mana flows of Elanthia.  Kor'thriss collects and distributes the energy to new life.  When the Lady Lorminstra learned to fully heal the worthy and the essence ceased to linger, she asked Lord Koar to put Kor'thriss back to slumber in the center of the world, and there he remained until now."

"Kor'thriss's awakening has signaled to us that the Cycle of Life has turned once more, although we do not fully understand why.  Things will return to how they were. Some among the clergy say it is because Lady Lorminstra wishes to teach us a lesson in the value of life.  Others say that she wishes to punish us, to harden our spirits to prepare for the Oblivion should our time come."

Shortly after the Priestess of Lorminstra told the story, everyone felt a faint presence pass over their body, and a soft sigh in their ear.  A somber voice spoke gently, "Fear not, Children of Elanitha.  A new dawn is rising upon the horizon of your lives as the Cycle of Life now has come full turn."  And then a soft white glow surrounded everyone, and coalesced into small orbs that spiraled off towards the heavens.

What happens now... one cannot say for certain.  An era of change has passed over the faithful inhabitants of Elanthia, and we will just have to see how it plays out.  But for now, be safe.

~ A Journalist


Dateline: Day 5th of Eoantos, 5104: Wehnimer's Landing

Living your life on the edge?  We want you.  Count dice instead of sheep when going to bed?  We want you.  Think you ve got what it takes to roll high and win big?  We want you.  Are you a red-haired green-eyed elven maiden?  We REALLY want you!

Come join Moonshine Manor as it holds its fall Gambling Night on Feastday, the 13th of Eoantos! (Nov. 13th) The name of the game is The Crooked Edge and will begin at 5pm elven time at a Wayside Inn table!

The games will be hosted by Lord Fremie Dractila and have no fear, dice will be provided!  A special gift will be presented to those who come as a token of our appreciation.  Remember to bring your silvers and good luck charm!  If you think it ll help.

-Moonshine Manor-


Dateline: Day 10th of Eoantos, 5104

Solhaven: The blind prophet Ulstram has been seen again.  According to the (unreliable) sources involved in this conflict, Ulstram is preparing his followers to move against the effete Eryael (avatar of Mularos).  He is also predicting that the Resistence will soon gain a new ally.  Detractors remind us that his predictions are vague at best.

HERT and EES jointly hosted a "booze cruise" along the Cairnfang River.  The evening combined drinks, rented boats, and lobsters in new and interesting ways.  The event's organizer was Lord Revalos.

Wehnimer's Landing:  Lord Argaine ran a delightful contest in which participants had to improvise a story based on various surprise props.  A fun time was had by all!

Lord Ussa arranged a "mock battle" game for adventurers this past month.  In contrast to most games of pugilism, no one was killed!

One note:  Many towns are becoming more strict in allowing citizenship.  In general, the western towns are more tolerant in who they will award full citizenship to.  The elven cities remain elven-centric in their outlook, although they will extend partial citizenship to their most friendly fellow-races.


Dateline: Day 10th of Eoantos, 5104

Choovy will arrive at one minute to midnight tonight (Leyan, day 10 of Eonatos, Elven time).  He will spin for ten customers.  For clues to his location, follow the directions below.

If Ta'Vaalor is known as "The Fortress," then start in Icemule's Town Center.  If the Fortress is Ta'Ardenai, then start in the small park in Wehnimer's Landing.

If a silver salmon is the totem of the Tichan Dai, then go north either three, four, or five blocks.  If it is a totem of the Araime Clan, then go straight south as far as you can.

If the tradition of the Conquest Fete started in Torre, then either go east one block or else stay put.  If it started in Selanthia, go either northwest, southwest, or west one block.

If Gavrail was one of the Chosen, then get yourself into the tower. If she was in the Council of Ten, then go either through the gate or into the alley.

If the Aldoran art of stone-tending is used mainly in rock gardens, then go back to the first question and choose all the wrong answers.  If it's used to care for the sick, then stay put.


Submissions should be limited to 6 body paragraphs of no more than 100 words each.  Each submission should start with a title, be followed with a dateline, and should end with the author's signature.  Please check your submission for proper spelling and grammar before sending it.

All submissions should involve factual events.  We will accept no silly nursery stories, histories or educational articles about the weather.  If you would like to submit an article along those lines, please do so to our sister publication, the Elanthian Times.  All submissions should be received by Leyan in order to be published by Feastday.

CLASSIFIEDS:  Classifieds are free and a good way to advertise your auctions and events or to find something whether it be love, a lost dog or a servant.

DISCLAIMER: While the staff of the Elanthian Journal make every effort to ensure that the events presented within are FACTUAL, there will always be some amount of speculation until all details of events are revealed with the passage of time.  We will continue to make every effort to report ACTUAL happenings, however any theories or speculation on the details of these events may very well prove INACCURATE.

The Elanthian Journal is edited by a very talented staff, including Tierus, Elvinyouth, Alisaire, Augie, Cappurnicus, Kondalor, Mythala, Plur, and Turinrond.  If you are interested in joining the editorial staff, please send a note to the address below.

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