Elven village

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The elven village (also known as the hidden settlement) is a small settlement of elves west of the Dragonspine Mountains.

The Village

The village is on the outskirts of the Red Forest, hidden deep in the forest near Vipershroud. It is home to a pawnshop - Sorsha's Second Hand Goods - as well as a small bakery run by an elven woman named Eirsei. In the past, the village also offered a silver delivery and note exchange service run which was run by Sergha, an elven woman, and her sons, but that service has been closed for some time.


Little seems to be known about the founding of the elven village. For years, many considered the area a part of the Wehnimer's Landing region. Despite being west of the Dragonspine mountain range, no claims ever appear to have been made by any in the Turamzzyrian Empire.

In Phoenatos of 5118, the elven House of Vaalor issued a strongly written request that the town council of Wehnimer's Landing relinquish any claim it may believe it held over the village. The elven king, Qalinor, claimed sovereignty over the village in the name of Vaalor.