Erkaya Latgoran

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Erkaya Latgoran was an erithian elementalist involved in the search for the Fier'Dracus on Teras Isle.


You see Erkaya Latgoran the Elementalist. 
He appears to be an Erithian of the Surath Dai.
He appears to be in his golden years and average height.  He has almond-shaped sea green eyes and pallid skin.  He has thinning, silver blonde hair.  He has a bony face, a thin nose and frown lines.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a light brown faewood runestaff wrapped with strips of golden leather in his right hand.
He is wearing a short beige silk robe trimmed with bands of sea green embroidery about the hem and cuffs, a pale yellow brushed leather vest, a long black silk sash, a folded golden silk pouch, a pair of loose tan silk breeches, some ivory silk stockings, and a pair of polished wooden sandals.